National Geographic photos of 3,200-year-old Sequoias –
Ramtha: “What does this tree know that you don’t?”

“Stunning: The December issue of National Geographic Magazine”
Photo courtesy: National Geographic Society

– “Titans of the trees: Stunning photographs of 3,200-year-old giant sequoias as high as 20-story buildings on Sierra Nevada slopes”

“Mammoth trees only grow on western slopes of mountain range running through California and Nevada”
“These are some of the world’s largest trees, rising majestically out of the snowy slopes along the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Photographer Michael Nichols spent two weeks capturing images of the ‘President’ – the world’s second-biggest tree which is at least 3,200 years old in Sequoia National Park, deep in the southern region.

Sequoias only grow on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada, a mountain range which runs 400 miles through Nevada and California. Giant sequoias can reach 247-feet – the height of a 20-storey building.”

“Writer David Quammen’s article accompanies the photographer’s series. The following is an excerpt from the December issue of National Geographic magazine: ‘It’s not quite the largest tree on Earth. It’s the second largest,” quoting UK’s Daily Mail.
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– Ramtha two-and-a-half decades ago on what a tree knows that we don’t:
There was a great forest to the north. I took the meanest of my warriors, the staunchest fighters, on a march of eighty-two days to the woodland up north. I marched directly into the center of the forest and I found the biggest tree. You know how big it was? I put an entire legion around it holding their hands like little children. They felt humiliated. The buffoons kept stumbling over the roots and looking up to see if anyone was watching. How great are my warriors when the roots of the tree can make them fall?
I made them hold hands like little kids. To hold another’s hand was despicable. I walked around them and laughed at them. I lifted up their kilts and laughed at them. I looked at their legs straining and them looking over their shoulder wondering what the Ram was going to do next.
I said, “Do you think this is a great tree?” And they were all in agreement it was a great tree.
“What does this tree possess that you do not possess?” As they were occupied with holding one another’s hands, they were fumbling around, mumbling, eyeballing me, and wondering what I was going to do next. They weren’t even thinking about the tree.
So I went around again, took out my sword, and put the point to their rears. “What does this tree have that you don’t have?” And one by one I jabbed them good, to get the point across.
Then one said, “The tree is taller than we are.” That was a good answer. Another said he had never seen a tree this way, so it was a new tree to him.
I said, “But what does this tree know that you don’t know?”
One said, “Lord, a tree does not think. It does not have intellect.”
I said to him, “How know you it doesn’t?”
“Well, it doesn’t get up and move.”
“And you think all things that move have intellect? You barbarian, you are a greater buffoon than I was.”
Then I said, “Try to see the top of this tree.”
You should have seen them all bringing their heads back straining to see. Now it had become a very serious game to them, for now it was a competition, who could find the right answer the quickest. That is warriors for you.
Well, they were mumbling incoherencies because no one could really see the top, and certainly you couldn’t even if you stood back a long way.
Finally I came back to them, “This tree does not know how to die. This tree only knows how to live.”

– Ramtha
I Had No Teacher But Nature
Excerpt from: “A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Reality – Third Edition
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