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South Africa’s Anna-Marie Viljoen creates her dream using Neighborhood Walk®

JZ Knight

RSE student Anna-Marie Viljoen of South Africa shares her experiences using the Neighborhood Walk® in creating a reality she desired. Here is Anna-Marie’s story in her own words (used with permission):

“As soon as the Assay advertisement got advertised I desired to do it. I did not walk it or focus on it although I wrote my desire to do it on my journal page and looked at it daily. Then the dates for the follow ups got to be announced and I shifted my attention to the September Follow Up. I wrote down what I needed: Leave from work Thursday, Friday- and Monday too- for the time difference. I needed R4000 for the follow up and R450 for the internet connection.

After July’s salary I had R1500 [$170 USD] saved and I realised I was not going to have enough money.
I then put it into my Neighborhood Walk® in my list that I have always had R4500 [$515 USD] for my follow up. Mornings and evenings I walked it.”

“It was a very big desire in me to do the Assay although I did not allow myself the acceptance that I could manifest both assay and my follow up. Not accepting it I did not even focus on it. So when Assay started I actually had the job leave as I was on crutches at home after a fall. But I did not have the funds yet.
So at my September Follow Up I got to live my Assay in my Follow Up.

Today, after I have finished this follow up, I am writing my little story to say thank you to my mentors Ram and JZ for the theory and the love. Thank you to my God for Its Power.”
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