President Clinton: “Joking about ‘the rise of the oceans’ far less funny now” –
Ramtha advised moving away from water for 25 years

Former President Bill Clinton

– “Not too long ago, Mitt Romney and his speechwriters thought they’d come up with a clever new way to mock President Obama: they ridicule efforts to ‘slow the rise of the oceans.’
Campaigning in Minnesota today [Oct 30], former President Bill Clinton suggested these jokes appear a lot less funny now.”

Clinton said:

“‘I was actually listening closely to what the candidates said in these debates. In the first debate, the triumph of the moderate Mitt Romney. You remember what he did? He ridiculed the President. Ridiculed the President for his efforts to fight global warming in economically beneficial ways. He said ‘Oh, you’re going to turn back the seas.’ In my part of America, we would like it if someone could’ve done that yesterday.

‘All up and down the East Coast, there are mayors, many of them Republicans, who are being told, ‘You’ve got to move these houses back away from the ocean. You’ve got to lift them up. Climate change is going to raise the water levels on a permanent basis. If you want your town insured, you have to do this.’ In the real world, Barack Obama’s policies work better.”
See the video and read more from The Maddow Blog on NBC.

– “Sandy leaves NYC subway system, infrastructure licking its wounds”
“The unprecedented surge from Sandy’s floodwaters took a bite out of the core of the Big Apple’s infrastructure, knocking out power to electrical substations and crippling a subway system used daily by more than 4 million people.

The storm’s impact should be a wake-up call that the city – and the rest of the nation – needs to better prepare for the dangers of the coastal flooding, which is likely to become more frequent in the decades ahead, experts say.”

“’I hope this storm is a wake-up call not just to our region …. but also nationally to help get adaptation on the map and help people understand the extent to which sea level rise will increase the frequency of coastal flooding events,’ Horton said [Radley Horton, an associate research scientist with the Center for Climate Systems Research at Columbia University],” quoting James Eng, NBC News.
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– UPDATE: December 29, 2012
“Jakarta sinking as water supplies dry up”
“Experts in Indonesia are preparing to build a huge wall to stop the ocean from swamping parts of Jakarta.

Some suburbs in the capital already go underwater when there is a big tide but the problem is expected to get even worse.

Jakarta is sinking by up to 10 centimetres a year and Indonesia’s national disaster centre says with oceans rising, large parts of the city, including the airport, will be inundated by 2030,” quoting George Roberts for Australia’s ABC News.
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– Ramtha has spoken about moving away from the water since the mid-1980s
“Stay away from the water. Get away from it. The water is beautiful but in a moment it can rush a wave over the landmass and destroy everything in sight, including you. If the Earth’s crust is vulnerable, go inland and stay there because if it is unstable, the bulk of the wave or the reaction of the shockwave moving through the oceans will create a dangerous place to be.”
– Ramtha
Australia Q & A
July 22, 2007
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