“Who Benefits From the Organized Violence of War?” –
Ramtha on this in 2002

– “Who Benefits From the Organized Violence of War?”
“Few nations have such extensive borders or coasts as the United States. Few have borders as blessedly uncontested and unthreatened. Why, then, is the US so contemptuous of international law? Why does the US intervene in and invade other lands, often far from our shores, with such alarming frequency?

Why does this nation squander trillions of dollars on “security” and “defense”? Why does this nation maintain fleets and hundreds of costly military bases all over the globe? Why does this nation dissipate its treasure deploying the world’s most massive killing machine?

We may never solve these riddles unless we better understand both human nature and the nature of war. Toward that end, I’ll pose some questions; these may imply some answers, if only fragmentary ones.”

“Who “volunteers” to be the cannon fodder and why?”

“Who benefits from the organized violence of war? War is enormously profitable for US “defense” industries. These industries shape US governance and foreign policy. This is true whether the target was Vietnam or the Pentagon’s current land and air wars elsewhere in Asia,” quoting Ed Kinane in Truthout, April 1, 2012.
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– Ramtha predicted this five years earlier, before Bush 41 declared was against Iraq
“You don’t like the war that is about to happen? They have been wanting this war for a long time. It is the Christians against the Muslims. And who helped that go? The munitions complexes. The military industrial complex needs an enemy and it needs a reason. Oil is the reason.”
– Ramtha
Excerpt from: Ramtha, Assay III
Yelm, WA
October 18, 2002

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