“Weird” Clouds and Storms over Canada –
Ramtha on these cloud formations

– Weird Storms in Canada – May 25 – 27, 2012
A series of unique storms and cloud anomalies over Canada were reported in late May.
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– Ramtha on a dark cloud originating over Canada
“There is coming a very dark and mysterious cloud over Canada that is not a sandstorm. It is not a cloud. It is a mystery. It will envelop all of Canada like a curtain and will go as far south as the warmer areas of the continent of America. The same cloud will appear over the Euro nations all the way down into France shortly after the first time it appears. The same, strange cloud will cover Siberia. The one place it won’t go is the Pacific. It is a mystery. It is not for me to tell you what it will do. It is for you to experience.”
– Ramtha
April 28, 2012
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