March, 2012 Primary Retreat R-V healing on Austin Hess

Austin Hess

At the March, 2012 Primary Retreat the Remote-View for Group G was:
“A young man named Austin has a serious disease.
Draw on his body where it is, describe the ailment, heal it.”

Here is the response from Austin Hess, in his own words:
“I wanted to express to you how humbled and appreciative I am of these students and soulful people that took the time to focus on me. Over the past month, I’ve noticed drastic changes in my joint movement and progression in everyday activities that I didn’t think I could do for a long time. I just feel overall blessed, and don’t have much of an explanation for my recent healing.

I’ve stopped taking methotrexate, which was supposed to be the main medicine to heal me. But, it made me lose so much of my self, since it was a chemo/radiation treatment in a pill. So I’ve been off that for about 2 and a half weeks now and haven’t had any flare ups, as the doctor said there would be if I didn’t get back on it, and my overall mood and self have been greatly regained.

I just want to thank you and all the students who are caring and putting so much effort and great work into my health and well being, it really is extraordinary.

Thank you again.”

Mr. Hess is the grandson of JZ Knight.

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