Phoenix Rising School’s impactful, AMAZING week!

– “PRS Auction Surpasses Expectations”
“In the end, it was sunshine and a $40,000 net gain for the Phoenix Rising School. Along the way, Sunday’s first annual art auction included thunder, lightning and torrential downpours, but the undaunted crowd carried on, bonding under one large tent and several canopies and enjoying delicious food prepared by Dawn Young and her crew of volunteers.”
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– “Flash Mob Sets Prairie Days on Fire!”
“One day in April, Cailin Quirk was talking with Aaron Rodriguez about the Phoenix Rising School’s participation in the upcoming Yelm Prairie Days parade [Thursday, June 28, 2012]. “We should do a flash mob,” she said half-jokingly. “That’s a great idea,” he replied in complete seriousness.

Since Cailin is the PRS Development Coordinator and Aaron is its Executive Director, it wasn’t long before the idea spread to the rest of the staff.”
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– “What a Face! Art Workshop Brings Joy and Creativity to PRS”
“If you’ve ever secretly wanted to paint your child as a monster, last Tuesday [June 26] was your chance. At a high-energy, fun-filled art workshop led by visiting New York City artist Stephen Bennett, participants of all ages got to practice painting each other’s faces. ‘It was really, really, really, really fun,’ said Tahsis Fairley, an eight-year old student at PRS. ‘I got to paint people in all kinds of different ways,'”
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