Student Accomplishments:
Klaus Rahikainen’s healing from Lyme Disease

Klaus Rahikainen

Klaus Rahikainen has been an RSE student since 2004 and resides in Scandinavia.
The following is a excerpt of his story, in his own words.

“I have been an avid student of Ramtha since 1990 when I read my first book: “Ramtha. An Introduction”. I studied Ram on my own until January, 2004 when I attended my first Ramtha retreat in South Africa. That experience was overwhelming: I found three cards and was elevated to a deep state of truth where I felt that I would literally ascend within a very near future. My mind was humming in a magnificent calm.”

“Since then I have worked to regain – or to re-remember – that purity of mind, that innermost truth of who and what I am. I have attended Ramtha courses in France, in Italy and in Yelm, and got new equally powerful experiences of truth.”

“Ramtha has been teaching us for a long time that we are all Gods that have forgotten our own true nature. He has also said somewhere in his many books that the most simple and the most powerful focus that we can apply is the focus on God itself, on the formless behind all forms. In God’s presence all of our troubles, problems and challenges are solved. The Oneness of Point Zero is the source and the base of the multitudes, it is the Core of God within all of us. That focus created the experiences recounted above and that focus healed my body from the threatening ravages of the Lyme disease (Borreliosis) recounted below.”

“The most feared beast on our beautiful islands is the tick, the blood sucking tick that has taken the life of many a man. When the bacteria that this little beast carries spreads into the brain the body withers away or gets seriously incapacitated. Some years ago I got that disease….”

“And then suddenly, in a flash, I knew. I knew the reason for my illness, I knew why my body had been a fertile ground for the spreading of the bacteria. The knowingness sort of came through, showed itself to my inner eye, and that very moment I knew that I was healed, that there was nothing in me anymore that would nourish those bacteria. I was free, I was healed.”

‘”‘By the way, could I have one more look at the rings before you go’, said the doctor. I took up my trouser legs and there was nothing to be seen anymore. The doctor was baffled and I went home conscious of having been fully cured by my own revelation.
I took the prescribed antibiotics and within days also the paralysis disappeared. I knew even better that I was on the right track.

“Some weeks later another doctor called and said that she would urgently want to see me. I went and met a seriously worried doctor, who said that the results of the tests taken had finally come in. They showed that I had exceptionally high levels of antibodies to borrelia, the count was over 1800 when the normal state would be zero. She was ready to give me intravenous antibiotics immediately followed by 100 days of the same orally.”

“‘Yes, I hear what you say, but I also know that I am cured. I feel fine and there are no signs of borreliosis in my body’, I said. She just could not believe me. We had a long argument. She told me what she knew, and could read from her papers. She obviously wanted to help me. And I knew that I did not need any help, I was cured.

Finally she suggested that they take a new blood test to see what was happening in my body. I agreed to that.

When the results of this second test came in they showed that all counts were normal. I was cured. I had gone all the way to the Point Zero, or Core of God, within me and allowed my body to heal itself.”
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– Klaus’s Medical Records translated from Swedish to English
Translation provided by Google Translate
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