What if solar storms cut electricity to nuclear reactors, like what occurred from Japan’s tsunami?

– “Four Hundred Chernobyls: Solar Flares, Electromagnetic Pulses and Nuclear Armageddon”

“There are nearly 450 nuclear reactors in the world, with hundreds more being planned or under construction. There are 104 of these reactors in the United States and 195 in Europe. Imagine what havoc it would wreak on our civilization and the planet’s ecosystems if we were to suddenly witness not just one or two nuclear meltdowns, but 400 or more! How likely is it that our world might experience an event that could ultimately cause hundreds of reactors to fail and melt down at approximately the same time? I venture to say that, unless we take significant protective measures, this apocalyptic scenario is not only possible, but probable.”

“If just two serious nuclear disasters, spaced 25 years apart, could cause such horrendous environmental catastrophes, it is hard to imagine how we could ever hope to recover from hundreds of similar nuclear incidents occurring simultaneously across the planet. Since more than one-third of all Americans live within 50 miles of a nuclear power plant, this is a serious issue that should be given top priority.

In the past 152 years, Earth has been struck by roughly 100 solar storms, causing significant geomagnetic disturbances (GMD), two of which were powerful enough to rank as “extreme GMDs.” If an extreme GMD of such magnitude were to occur today, in all likelihood, it would initiate a chain of events leading to catastrophic failures at the vast majority of our world’s nuclear reactors,” quoting Matthew Stein, Truthout.
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UPDATE: PBS Nova airs “Secrets of the Sun”
“With new tools, scientists are striving to better grasp our star and its potentially widely destructive solar storms.
Aired April 25, 2012 on PBS.”
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– Ramtha spoke of nuclear reactors poisoning the environment over a decade ago
“When will the Ring of Fire break open those reactors and poison and kill everything? Do you think the salmon are endangered now? There may come a time that the only place that such fishes are still alive will be in the country whose primitive electrical needs are hydroelectric. You can criticize your dams all you want, but the lesser of two evils is to take running water over nuclear power.”

– Ramtha
January 20, 2001.
Advanced Evening, Yelm, WA.

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