Ramtha School of Enlightenment Promotes Natural Healing

Three Students report nontraditional recoveries from serious conditions thanks to RSE

“Three long-term students of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment (RSE), an academy of the mind based in Yelm, Washington, have experienced remarkable recoveries from life-threatening illnesses thanks to knowledge received and practices learned through workshops, retreats, and home study courses. The students are from diverse backgrounds and different locations, and their stories were confirmed independently and results verified by medical professionals.”

“Yvonne Lebron, founder and owner of the Peace of Mind Holistic Center in Rainier, Washington, recovered from triple negative breast cancer in 2009; by September 2011 she was pronounced cancer-free with tumor markers down to .02, in the normal range.”
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“Vladimir Shcherbinin, a former pediatric cardiovascular surgeon who lives in Bathurst, NSW, Australia, was infected with Hepatitis B while practicing surgery in the late 1980s in his native Ukraine. During a routine blood evaluation in 2010, Dr. Shcherbinin’s test for Hepatitis B came back negative, an extremely rare occurrence.”
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“Anthony Latoski, a guard on the RSE campus in Yelm, Washington, healed his heart after recovering from a major heart attack resulting in a left ventricle blood clot in 2005 which required the insertion of three stents to open an artery. By 2010 his heart was exchanging 40-45% of its fluid with each beat. Continuing his focus on dissolving the clot in 2010, which measured no less than 1cm x 5cm from the time of the heart attack, in 2011 it disappeared totally, a remarkable achievement.”
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