‘SuperConsciousness’ republishes dynamic JZ Knight interview

JZ Knight

SuperConsciousness Magazine’s Publisher and Managing Editor Jair Robles wrote on their website March 19, 2012:
“Almost five years ago the decision to create this publication was made, in part, due to the encouragement of JZ Knight. This week we would like to share with you the first of two interviews with this best-selling author, inspiring teacher, and visionary of our true human potential as she celebrates another year of her remarkable life.”
Interview with JZ Knight conducted by Danielle Graham

– How to Become a Master of Time
“One of the most remarkable things related by those who have gone through a near-death experience is all that happens to them during the lapse of only seconds or minutes that go by until they are brought back to life. They have a life review, meet with people who have already passed, and in some instances even get to see some aspects of their future, which completely challenges our concepts and experience of time. JZ Knight has gone through this process thousands of times as she channels Ramtha, a spiritual teacher and enlightened being, which has allowed her to gain a unique perspective about time and our relationship to this elusive and often little-understood concept.”

“SC: Time is an action; it’s a verb, not a noun…

JZ: Exactly. Nouns have no time. Verbs are the action of the realization of that ‘no time’. In talking to Ramtha many many years ago about time, he threw me for a loop when he said, “you can cease time by understanding there is no time, and that all elements, all potentials, all worlds, all things exist simultaneously.” There is no arrow going backwards or forwards. It all exists in the moment. In my simple understanding of what I’ve seen [when] out of my body and what I’ve experienced in my long life, that [statement] is absolutely correct.”
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