Student Accomplishments: Dave Mitman, Founder & President of South Sound Seed Stewards

For many years Ramtha has advised his students to grow their own gardens and put up their own seeds. RSE student Dave Mitman is president of South Sound Seed Stewards (S4), a Yelm organization that does just that. As an inspiration to other students and their families worldwide, here is Dave’s story in his own words:

“Seeds are the very foundation of civilization as we know it. Understanding seeds and agriculture allowed us to go from hunter/gathers to developing stable communities. Whoever controls our seeds controls life as we know it!

Founded in 1994 by myself and other like minded gardeners, S4 is dedicated to teaching the art and science of seed saving. The organization has experienced ups and downs. At times as few as 5 or 6 people met at the Yelm Fire Station. For the past 3 years our registration of new students and active members has numbered over 100 each year.

We teach our members how to save and preserve seed from heirloom and open pollinated plants, and we encourage them to become teachers to other gardeners and their neighbors.

The gardener may plant a seed but it requires rain, sun and good soil to grow. S4 has been blessed with a support group and members second to none. They are the ones who have allowed my seed dream to become reality, and I honor and acknowledge their efforts.

Make no mistake. Our seed heritage is under attack. Can S4 on its own stop it. No. But there are hundreds of S4s by different names all around the world who say “No, you shall not own my seeds.”

There are many seeds that take time to germinate. Some must have their hulls cracked by fire; some must be frozen; some must have a long, long sleep before they will grow. So it is with seed savers. I am honored to be planting seed saving knowledge with my fellow gardeners. When the time is right they will grow.

I am a patient gardener. Nature taught me that.

As our Secretary states at the end of our meeting notices: “A gardener is a forever student and Mother Nature is the Teacher.”

Thank you to all the S4 Board members, students and active members for making all this possible. Preserving our Heritage is protecting it for our future.”

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