Ramtha: If Republican is elected, war with Iran to follow

– If elected, Mitt Romney “will prepare” the United States for war against Iran.

“Mitt Romney, a favorite for the Republican nomination for president, said Thursday (November 10, 2011) that “he will prepare” the United States for war against Iran if elected to the White House next year.

In an article published in the Wall Street Journal, the former Massachusetts governor said that American diplomacy would be endowed with a “very concrete and very credible option” to deal with the Islamic Republic.

“These actions send a clear message to Iran that the United States, acting in concert with its allies, will never let Iran acquire nuclear weapons,” writes Mitt Romney.

The Republican candidate, favorite in the polls alongside Herman Cain, justified his words by brandishing the recent report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which shared “credible” information that Iran has worked to develop nuclear weapons despite its denials.

Mr. Romney argued that the U.S. adopt vis-à-vis Tehran a “policy very different” from that of President Barack Obama, which is too “naive” for his taste.

“Si vis pacem, para bellum” is from the Latin, but the ayatollahs will have no trouble understanding the meaning of those words if spoken by a Romney administration: If you want peace, prepare for war,” yet the candidate insists in his article, that he is not explicitly calling for military action against Iran.

Instead, he calls the U.S. approach, which relies primarily on sanctions against the Islamic Republic, a “diplomatic failure.”

In response to IAEA report, the Obama administration has indicated that it would seek new sanctions against the Iranian regime. But, as is customary, the spokesman for the White House Jay Carney did not rule out the use of military force.”
Read more from the AFP in France.
Translation courtesy Dr. Miceal Ledwith.

– “Another March to War?”
“As a journalist, there’s a buzz you can detect once the normal restraints in your business have been loosened, a smell of fresh chum in the waters, urging us down the road to war. Many years removed from the Iraq disaster, that smell is back, this time with Iran.”
By Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone
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– “Pressure Israel, Not Iran”
“Neocons in Israel and the United States are escalating their rhetoric to prepare us for war with Iran. Even the infamous John Yoo, architect of George W. Bush’s illegal torture and spying programs, is calling on the Republican presidential candidates to “begin preparing the case for a military strike to destroy Iran’s nuclear program.”

“Iran is not a threat to Israel’s security. Iran has not attacked any country in some 200 years.”

“But that does not mean that Iran, if it does obtain nuclear weapons, will attack Israel. The Iranian government knows that Israel and the United States would retaliate with unimaginable military force that would devastate Iran and much of the Middle East.”
Read more from Marjorie Cohn in Truthout, Wednesday 18 January 2012.

– Ramtha has warned on several occasions war with Iran is likely if Republican is President
“When that Republican comes to office, he is going to declare war on Iran, and your misery just started.”

— Ramtha
January, 9, 2012
Yelm, WA

SuperConsciousness Media Publisher and Managing Editor Jair Robles Barajas penned an excellent article titled “Hijacking Modern Democracies”:
“The social unrest that is taking place throughout the world has made much more clear for me the connection that exists between spiritual growth and social change. On a personal level I perceive that my awareness is expanded through my interest in social issues, while at the same time my perspective on social issues is being enriched from a growing spiritual understanding. It is for these reasons that I decided to begin writing a personal blog.”
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UPDATE: February 29,2012
“Iran ‘to accept payment in gold for oil'”
“Iran is to accept gold instead of dollars as payment for its oil, the country’s state news agency has said,” quoting the BBC.
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