Student Accomplishments: Mary and the Rev. Dr. Richard Banach’s Journey as a Clergy Couple to Ramtha

Mary Banach & The Rev. Dr. Richard Banach
52nd wedding anniversary, January 10, 2011

Several students have asked who is the man that Ramtha talks to on his walks through the Great Hall at several recent events. Dr. Richard Banach has been studying with Ramtha since 1983 along with his wife of 52 years, Mary, who unexpectedly passed six months ago. Richard resides in Rainier, WA, and is a retired Methodist minister from the greater New Jersey area.

For 20 years, Dr. Banach was one of six associate editors of The United Methodist Relay: Official Voice of The Greater New Jersey Area (1978 Circulation: 23,000 clergy and laity leaders in 600 churches) and intertwined what he learned from Ramtha in his poems and publications.

Read more of Richard’s kind and touching description of his journey published in MastersConnection.
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UPDATE, February 13, 2012:
Long time Ramtha student Mary Banach was a spiritual leader in mainstream Christian Churches for 40 years. In this unique position, her life was a role model of living the “snatches of truth” Ramtha says are at the heart of the highest religious ideal. Her adventures as a student within this context is celebrated in an essay just published in the February 11, 2011 issue of the Master’s Connection.
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UPDATE, October 5, 2012:
MastersConnection2020 published Rev. Dr. Richard W. Banach’s Essay Jesus’ Intergalactic Gospel: A Christian View of UFO’s and Biblical History.
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UPDATE, March 5, 2014:
“A Mystic Memoir”
“Minister Meets Ramtha Ch. 1 – Pentecostal Precursors to the Great Work”
Click here, reprinted by permission of The Rev. Dr. Richard W. Banach, D. Min.

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