Introducing students helping students and their children

From Renee Webb on Project Food:

“Ramtha said recently we should give, give, give. Project Food is an ideal opportunity to give. Many of us have been blessed with bounty; however, many of our fellow RSE students are not blessed with the abundance of food needed to be preserved for the future. Project Food, through our collective efforts, can make a difference and is gathering food to feed RSE families with children. Our teacher has told us that the children must be preserved for the future. Each family with children up to age 18 will be given food in order to meet their two-year storage supply minimum.
Whatever you can donate to the families will be appreciated. We are requesting that food be bought or taken from your personal storage and donated. If you are overseas or prefer ordering online, we will send you some recommended sites so that you can order directly from them and have the food sent to us. No child destined for the future in our beautiful school should go hungry. We are seeing to it; you can too.
We have a list of many families who will be beneficiaries of Project Food. However, we are still collecting names to add to the list and accepting food donations from students locally and abroad. We have about 60 children within approximately 40 families thus far for whom we are gathering food. We would like to begin distributing in December. You can sign up for receiving food and further details will be sent to you.
If you would like to donate food or be a receiver of food, send an email to: [email protected] or [email protected].

Stay blessed, and stay focused on giving, giving, giving.”

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