Migration of Monarch Butterflies Guided by Ultraviolet Grid, According to Scientific Study

September 2005

An international team of scientists from the University of Massachusetts Medical School, the University of California, the University of Oldenburg, Germany, and the Czech Academy of Sciences, studying the migratory guiding system used by Monarch butterflies, reported their milestone discovery May 5, 2005 through the scientific journal Neuron.

“We determined the pattern of opsin expression in the DRA [Dorsal Rim Area] photoreceptors of the monarch to identify the spectral content of polarized light that might be involved in flight orientation. We complemented these anatomical findings with behavioral studies and found that polarized light [a grid of light] in the UV range is important for flight orientation.” (Journal Neuron, Volume 46, pp. 457-467, May 5, 2005)

The team of scientists explained that “though UV light is invisible to humans, to butterflies it appears as a grid in the sky that emanates from the sun,” reported journalist Karen Kaplan of the Los Angeles Times.

Ramtha Foreshadows Recent Scientific Discovery

In a teaching by Ramtha from 1995, ten years before the scientific discovery was announced, Ramtha describes the blue grid the following way:

“Remember, we think of the quantum field like shimmering blue webs. But the connection that you have with everyone — everyone, everyone across this room, behind us, with me, with you, the connection with that which is termed the night wind and the golden fog — we are all linked up through this web-work that is in what is called appropriately the vacuum [space].”

 (Excerpt from: Dimensional Mind, November 15-18, 1995. Ramtha Dialogues®, Tape 9530 ed.)

 “So we begin to see then that these little webs, that if we saw them in a more three-dimensional, four-dimensional hologram, would appear not as webs at all but as shimmering — shimmering — blue web-work tetrahedrons that were lighting up at crossing points.”

“And if we had the eyes to see that the entire earth, nature itself, has a Blue Body®, that when we are able to see it we will see that trees have shimmering blue webs to other trees and even to birds that fly over. They are connected to the tree. The tree is connected to the ground. The ground is connected to the toad. The flower is connected to the wind. Everything is all interconnected in the blue web-work, this beautiful celestial realm. And it is happening all around you.”

— Ramtha

March 1998

 (Excerpt from: Secondary Retreat, Part IV. March 25-26, 1998. Ramtha Dialogues®, Tape 378.3 ed.)

The team of scientists further confirmed that “UV polarized light has been shown to be the best celestial cue for diurnal animals under partly cloudy conditions (while blue receptors are best at dawn and dusk), which is consistent with monarchs’ completely diurnal flight behavior and their tendency to cluster at dusk.” (Journal Neuron, Volume 46)

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  1. I also read that butterflies eyes see in UV so do we when we become one! So all is possible in learning from our natural world and rejoicing in our inherent connection to it in cities, parks and the suburban areas all over
    the world we have a playground of discovery.

    Thanks to Ramtha for his wisdom shared on the word wide net with love.