Discovery of the Tenth Planet and Ramtha’s Planet of the Gods

August 2005

Astronomers from Caltech University (California Institute of Technology) officially announced on July 29 their discovery of what they are calling our solar system’s tenth planet.

Could this be Ramtha’s longtime description of the planet of the Gods who genetically engineered the human race?

The object, temporarily named 2003 UB313, is definitely larger than Pluto and a huge distance away from our sun, “about three times as far from the Sun as is Pluto,” explained Mike Brown, professor of planetary astronomy at Caltech University.

The astronomer’s explanation why this planet had not been discovered before is of particular interest also:

“The object is inclined by a whopping 45 degrees to the main plane of the solar system, where most of the other planets orbit. That’s why it eluded discovery: nobody was looking there until now, Brown said.” (’s Science News report, “Object Bigger than Pluto Discovered, Called 10th Planet,” by Robert Roy Britt)

Ramtha’s Predictions Based on Scientific Fact!

The planet’s great distance from the sun and its peculiar inclined orbit in relation to all the other planets resembles closely Ramtha’s description of the planet of the Gods he gave way before any astronomical discovery was ever made! 

Could this be Ramtha’s planet of the Gods?

Check Ramtha’s teaching from April 5, 2001 in Cadaqués, Spain:

“The Hubble Telescope is able to tell scientists about the value of light coming from what is photographic. But if we have the sun, what is blocked out that is on the same periphery as you are? Don’t you think those scientists know that? They just don’t say anything because they know that it isn’t about nine planets, that what are the planets we do not see but feel the gravitational pull.”

 “Now the plane of the Gods was an orbit like this [see diagram] that went outside the orbital plane. Their cyclical orbit was an elliptical orbit from this sun. It is called an elliptical plane.”

Ramtha model of the solar system

 “And it is true, the legend you hear, that they mined for the gold to seed their great and ancient planet, the planet of the Gods, a greater planet, a planet much more advanced. And what did they need? One central thing was gold. And what was gold to them? Not crowns and jewelry and ornaments, but particle gold in their atmosphere to help capture the light of a distant sun in a cyclical orbit, that that sunlight could be held by the glimmer of gold and in their environment and in their atmosphere. No matter how far they were away from the central sun of this civilization, that gold captured precisely, like it does to this day without taint or without decay, the light. And so they re-created the atmosphere of the fifth plane of the pyramid, which is called the golden body.”

 “So they came here to mine gold, because wherever you find a watery planet you will find gold. If you don’t find a planet consumed in hydrogen — water, oxygen and hydrogen that make water, and air — you are not going to find gold. So this planet is rich in it. And why would gold be needed? To subsidize an atmosphere that goes to the elliptical from the sun so far out in space it takes 25,000 years to make a singular orbit.”

 “What do you think of that? How can you exist in space as a planet and still have this body without a sun? But what if your atmosphere was made up of gold particles? I am talking about particles on the atomic level. And what if your atmosphere could reflect light, photons traveling through space at the speed of light, that gold as the perfect mirror could reflect consummate light into your atmosphere no matter how far from your central sun you are in your elliptical orbit? Twenty-five thousand years it takes. It takes one year for this Earth to orbit around one seasonal polar plane to the sun, and you call it seasons. But what if it took 25,000 years? And what I find so amazing about that is that it takes exactly 25,000 years for the Earth rotating in its seasons to see the stars in the heavens. It would take 25,000 Earth orbital years to see the precession of the stars in the window of your night sky.”

“Why is it so important what you call immortality? Well, the Egyptians understood that 10,000 years ago. They understood it 25,000 years ago. And there were two ice ages in between.”

“I am talking about an immortal gene that is now found out in discovering the human genome. So it is not as if I have invented this immortal gene, but I talked about it twenty-two years ago before it was ever discovered in science. So how do we know that we are fathered and mothered by Gods? Because of that gene.”

“Now you know what that gene has the capacity of doing? Allowing itself to take a long elliptical orbit and to watch the precession of the stars in all of their houses in a whole lifetime that begins with 25,000 years.”

“And it is true, the legend you hear, that they mined for the gold to seed their great and ancient planet, the planet of the Gods, a greater planet, a planet much more advanced.”

— Ramtha

April 5, 2001

 Excerpt from the Book:

Rediscovering the Pearl of Ancient Wisdom, A Master’s Reflection on the History of Humanity, Part II (JZK Publishing, a Division of JZK, Inc.).
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