Ramtha on the Brain’s Neuronet

May 2009

“What is thought? Pictures. Where did the pictures come from? The brain. Does a brain have its own way of thinking? Yes, it is called personality. A personality is the sum total of neuronet programming. Emotion is the hormone reaction to that neuronet personality. That means that as a little child you were allowed to grow and to explore and to become — it is called the time of innocence — before a great maturity took you over. That maturity was the deep wisdom of your Spirit.

“What happens is you have formulated a really rigid way of thinking. You haven’t allowed your brain to mix it up yet . . . Why is it important to change the program? Because when you change the program you change the pictures . . . Then we begin to think anew. The brain starts to react anew. The Spirit starts filling you with a feeling that feels right.”

“You have held together people, places, things, times, and events in your life, everything you have done, by the personality. It holds it into place. . . . There is a continuous Observer. The brain personality is the cumulative Observer in the field of energy. Everything you can see in your life, every person that you know intimately in your life, everything you ever did in your life, the four walls that you call the hovel in your life, are all held together by the cumulative effect of the yellow brain’s personality. That is who you are, all the way to the kinds of pictures you hang on the wall and your favorite colors. Your favorite colors are the predominant neuronet in the brain everything will be colored by. You cannot think without the brain. Thinking is the firing of a sequence of thoughts, and each thought is hooked up to a neuron. When they fire cumulatively, they produce a picture.

“We can change the picture. We can turn yellow into a sun or into a banana. At will we can make the computer form the picture. Whatever we rest upon is what is causing reality out here to be held into place . . . You don’t have to take my word for it. Go ask your scientists in quantum mechanics. Say to them, ‘What is the world really made out of?’ and they will look at you and say, ‘Energy.’

“ ‘How did this all get this way?’ And they will say, ‘I beg your tolerance, but I can only speculate. It is our understanding that the world got this way through someone thinking it this way.’ “

— Ramtha

May 1997

Excerpt adapted from: Fireside Series, Vol. 2, No. 5, Who Are We Really? JZK Publishing, 2006. Copyright © 2006 JZ Knight
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  1. Yazmin says:

    This quote is amazing!!! because I could remember with a few words what my thinking and my thoughts are.