Ramtha on the crucial importance of The Constitution of the United States

U. S. Constitution

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“Your only protection against a wholly enslaved society…”

“At present, that which is termed your country — though you call it America — it does not exist. Your Constitution, know you what that is? Yes, rights that are bills that you can enact. That is the only thing that holds the fabric of your liberty together. But there has been so much manipulation, by-laws, so much programming, and, most important of all, this country has grown fat and lazy sitting on its cans. Why? Because, by nature, that which is termed the physical embodiments that you own this day in your time genetically have come from your forefathers and foremothers who seeded this great land with the emotional fervor of freedom. They were not warlords. They wanted to get away from them.”

“Your government has failed you. When your country is really only an illusion and held in close reality by your Constitution and your Bill of Rights, that is your only protection against that which is termed a wholly enslaved society that is given the entertainment, that is given the beer — what was called mead in my time — that is given wine, and it is given its pay. When it is given all of its small comfort zones, they understand this. They will go forward because that, they think, is what it is to live freely. Your government is really owned by the money people, the international bankers.”

“If the middle class woke up, all of these Gods slumbering in their comfortable lethargy could once again create a republic, because there are too many of them. Too great are their numbers. And they could take back their government from the politicians and be liken unto Solon and his republic where every educated, enlightened entity helped create a coexisting government called a republic, and holding truth steadfast in its Constitution and its inalienable rights for every human being to prosper and to grow, that what they are affects the whole. If this great middle class woke up, they would never, ever — ever — have a national debt, for their government of the people, the republic created by the people, would have the power to issue its own notes backed by its own commodities and its own resources. This country would sustain forever if its people were liken unto its earth, its very ground, for that ground would be divine and supported.”


November 14, 1987


“Remember what I told you about the Constitution of this country, the land of the brave, the land of the free?  That is still the most immutable law that governs this great continent, and there is not another one like it.  That is why it is the most important document ever written in this time, as we understand time to be.  And the only one that would have ever rivaled it was not the Bible, for God’s sakes, a perpetration of Constantine and Justinian.  It is not perpetration of the Catholic Church to control history, to control God, to control the lives of people.  No, no, no. The United States Constitution was written by Freemasons, who came to this great world, this great continent, who were once great Templars and explored this continent way before Columbus ever got here.  And it is they who founded a great land in the West — as so exemplified in “The Lord of the Rings” — that the great ones who lived through the great battles of injustice, injured and wounded, caught a great Gaelic ship from the shores of Scotland to sail to the heavens of the West.  And this country is what “The Lord of the Rings” in Middle-earth was talking about.”

“In this place, under the Constitution, all are considered equal, and in that indelible righteousness of equality everyone can succeed to the greatest of their dreams or fail to the greatest of their desirable lethargy.  Everyone is embraced in this great cathedral.  That is why I am here.”

— Ramtha

March 20, 2001


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