Ramtha on the North Korean Ballistic Provocations

With the recent missile launches that traversed the sovereign nations of South Korea and Japan intending to provoke the United States, Steve Klein reported that Ramtha was asked by a Japanese student — at the Intimate Day, August 7, 2017 — about the current situation and whether students can return to South Korea and Japan soon. Ramtha’s response was as follows:

“Your world has a leader now of the Americas that is not a bluffer. And you have a foolish man — very foolish — that is taunting war. You don’t pull the tail of a tiger and not expect it to react when its mind is this president.”

“You should stay out of harm’s way because this negotiation is for the freedom of the other Korea, which I have beloved people there and in Japan. And he can nuke you in five different cities at once and sink your island. And he is crazy enough to do it unless this tiger bites his head off.”

“Stay safe but a wee bit longer. You will know by autumn what is about to happen here because at any moment when you least expect it, this great tiger is about to prance and eat all of their young.”

                                     — Ramtha


NBC News Military Analyst Gen. Barry McKaffrey (U. S. Army, Ret.) said this on NBC Nightly News, Friday, September 15, 2017, which corresponds with Ramtha’s comments:

“Kim Jung Un has learned from his father and his grandfather that military provocations to the United States and South Korea we never actually respond to. I fear he has misjudged the current situation.

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Also of great interest, is President Donald Trump’s first address to the United Nations in New York, September 19, 2017.

Watch the Full Speech posted by CNN here




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