JZ Knight: My New Year’s Eve Musings — December 31, 2016

“It has been said, ‘The past is a foreign country’ … and so it is. Today is the future, a galactic webbing of extraordinary potentials. Of course these possibilities are yet undetermined, unexperienced, without real feeling — wonderful! you say — but you must make choices out there, you know, for your destiny’s future.

“ ‘Ah, I see.’ Now you are in a MOOD!

“Where did THAT MOOD COME FROM? What the …? Now that is a very GREAT QUESTION. SECRETS, not just any secrets, but those which we keep in a box away from even ourselves!

“How can that be? Neurons — bundles of them containing self- knowledge, like the NSA — hidden deep in the brain’s recesses and contained within a box, neurons of consciousness, the history of one’s deeds of record.

“But energy or the energetic emotions belonging to those hissing, writhing serpentine neurons are outside the box. These emotions have NO REASON but they are live wires of the secrets’ experience! They are a hive roaming in an effort to reattach to their neural patterns but are prevented from doing so.

“Now one has a MOOD out of nowhere! It is the blight of optimism, joy, vitality,
and creativity leading to days of depression, listlessness, fatigue, declining health, and worse … all because of our hidden secrets, the very source of these untamed emotions.

“The secrets which we hide even from ourselves are varied, shared and unshared, personal and at once transpersonal. They are our shame, our outrage, jealousy, hatred, envy, failures, greed, raging passions, our vulgarity, murderous thoughts, our perceived sins … these emotions of powerful thoughts. These are well-kept secrets, the very source of one’s life lived in denial. In other words, the face and words we show to the world are mostly a fractured self made of lies. We cannot harbor the real fabric comprising our experiences kept in secrets of truth without our personality being a fabrication of lies … oh, dear!

“Secrets kept even from ourselves have been the very fuel for reincarnation … spending a bit of time mining our mind until we find what we have been afraid to f
ind — truth!

“It is an amusing thought: ‘KNOW YE THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.’ Verily, the truth is precisely what we do not wish to find, hence we are always a victim of unexplained voices, urges, and emotions. Not even the word AWAKEN means a damn thing!

“You see, today, on the brink of a truly magical change into new beginnings, you must make a journey to that ‘foreign country.’ It is a retrieval mission. You must return to the ash heap and wade through the rubble until you find the ash-fogged jewels of Wisdom, glittering bits of understanding, generosity of kindness, contribution, tiny red stones of love — and, above all, forgiveness. No, not just forgiveness of others but finger through the dust and blow away ash until you find FORGIVENESS OF SELF. There you go … self-acknowledgment of all the secrets, spoken aloud, allowing the hive of roaming emotions to reconnect to their natural law … blown away to reside back in that foreign country. Now we stand on the steps awaiting our choices made freely from that indomitable, galactic mind and beginning afresh for a truly New Year.”

My 2016 New Year’s Eve Musings

— JZ Knight

Posted: January 5th, 2017 - Featured Articles, JZ Knight, News Headlines

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