Science catches-up to Ramtha on olives!

“Olives Are Anti-Inflammatory, Disease-Fighting Powerhouses”

“Olives contain antioxidants ‘in abundance,’ according to research published in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention.”

Read the Full article and the various current scientific studies on the many health benefits of olives and olive oil by Dr. Mercola here.


Ramtha calls olive oil the “restorer of life” 

“An olive is a peculiar fruit from a peculiar and magnificent tree, a tree that does not know how to die. Did you know that an olive tree continues to grow for centuries? An olive tree just doesn’t die. It won’t give up. It grows in the most desolate of areas and has a tenacity to find its own water at whatever depth. Its bark is made of such that it can withstand any storm.

When it brings forth in the spring its silver and emerald leaves, they are an absolute delight to the dream that it had in winter of its little fruit — a strange and peculiar little creature with a lot of green flesh over a very large pit. The oil from this seed is a restorer of life. The olive is a brain food. Its oil is for the brain. It restores and cleanses not only the brain but its oil is for the kidneys and the liver and the heart. Its oil is for the ductless glands in the body that will awaken. It is a rejuvenator of the skin and its tissue. It is a marvelous tree.

Why would this tree bring about such a rejuvenating quality? Think about the tenacity of the tree. It can live for centuries. No matter where you put it, it will find water. It will bury its roots and it will grow, so we are talking about a survivor here. Is it then, by logic, any accident that this olive tree would produce an oil that is equal to its own emotion? That is why it is so beautiful for the body. And it made certain it had a large pit surrounded by soft flesh so that you would make certain you would spit it so that it would have little olive trees.”

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