New On-Demand Ramtha Audio Teachings available in Spanish from Bel Shanai Productions

Congratulations to Valeria Scherbinin of Bel Shanai Productions for New Web site and Translation of Ramtha’s Teachings to Spanish 

“This month of May 2016 I am joyfully celebrating my 20th year of being an RSE student, and 18 years being a Spanish Translator and Interpreter for RSE! Since the beginning it has always been my greatest dream and passion and my mission to contribute with my skills to deliver Ramtha’s life-changing and timeless message to the Spanish speaking population around the world.

“Thanks to applying the disciplines and the knowledge imparted by Ramtha, my dream that started eight years ago with the founding of Bel Shanai Productions has now come into fruition. After long hours of focus and finding numerous cards in the Field related to my business, my focus has now materialized in this plane with the recreation and renovation of my upgraded Bel Shanai Productions website in English and Spanish. I have translated more than 30 Ramtha teachings to the Spanish language in CD format and now we are implementing the new On-Demand Audio Teachings that can easily be accessed in our new page.

“We now count with an extensive distribution system to sell our products that includes high-end Bookstore Chains in prominent Latin-American cities, and our talented and efficient RSE Coordinators and Distributors in United States, Mexico, Spain, Venezuela, Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Brazil.

“It has been a very exciting journey and I am grateful for the great team effort of all the people involved in this creation who have supported me unconditionally throughout the years to make this dream come true, and the good news is that there are still many more teachings to translate, so we will continue serving the Latin RSE community and all the Spanish speaking people who are interested in this profound and valuable knowledge.

“This would have never been possible without my beloved Teacher Ramtha and JZ Knight’s labor of love and her unwavering commitment to the Great Work.

“With my deepest gratitude and great love,”

Valeria Scherbinin

Melbourne 2

Owner and Director of Bel Shanai Productions LLC.

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