Remarkable Results of a New RSE Student from Taiwan’s 101: Remarkable Mind Event

Colette Wang

This is an impressive story from Colette Wang, a new RSE student who attended her beginning Class 101 in Taiwan, January 2016, in her own words:

“Enjoy knowing a great me. My name is Colette Wang and I would like to share what I have experienced during my very first RSE 101 event:”

  1. During Fieldwork®, I experienced that I am God and I can do anything.

  2. During the Blue Body® dance, I experienced that all things are provided for me. I was so touched.
  3. During the UV Blue Egg C&E®, I experienced that I love myself greatly and falling in love with myself was the top on my 3/3 list from my beginning C&E® session at the Class 101. It has manifested. I experienced it and it was splendid!

Two days after the event, here is what has manifested in my life:

  1. On Jan. 30, my third card for Fieldwork® was to be a trainer. Then, at dinner that day, the person who sat next to me was an owner of a company that provides training to anyone who wants to be a trainer. During our conversation, I realized that the universe has all the energy and love, and that everything I focused on will come; sometimes, in the blink of an eye!
  2. In June 2015, I visited a beautiful place in Pu-li where I admired very much and wanted to know its owner. It turned out that the owner was the first person I met in our Class 101 event; his name is Yeun-Junn Lin. Though it was him that walked toward me, I must have connected with him in mind since last June. We were partners at the Remote-View session at the Class 101: Remarkable Mind. We only exchanged our name at the Remote-View session and I saw his boat during the practice. Then I realized later that he is a well-known ship-building company owner. I learnt that we can bypass our “yellow” intellectual brain to know things. I surrendered.
  3. I had a spectacular experience about the “twist” of time:

At 8:30pm on the night of January 30, I went to the SPA by myself. When I was in the whirling water, I kept seeing “I have always been fabulously wealthy for as long as I can remember.” coming out of the whirling water. There was no one in the SPA area and I started my neighborhood walk in the steam room. I couldn’t remember how long I walked, but when I walked out of the room, the clock was broken and the time stopped at 9:15pm. I felt that 20 minutes of time were missing, but when I walked out of the door, it was 10:00pm already. I was able to catch the last bus back to my room. The next morning, the words of “I have always been fabulously wealthy, for as long as I can remember” were like a recording playing in my head when I woke up. This was an indescribable experience about time and that it is like an illusion or fiction to me.

  1. Wealth Manifestation:

I had not checked on Taiwan stock market for 5 years. But I had a knowing on January 18 to buy an option at NT$16, and when I returned home from my Class 101 event, I thought I got myself two lottery tickets! I checked my stock and it now was at NT$181. My investment had gone up 958% in 15 days! Wow!!!

result of option

During the Class 101 event, I had learnt so many powerful disciplines. With my focus, the consciousness and energy aligned straightaway. The marvelous things that I experienced during the event and what has manifested in my life are extraordinary! This was a powerful event, filled with so many miraculous things. Mike from RSE told us to bring a delightful and joyful heart to our focus, like going to Disney Wonderland!! Indeed.

At the Ramtha Creating Personal Reality Workshop in 2014, I set a financial goal for NT$100,000 and now I can set my goal for NT$10M. It is a 100-times difference in 2 years. Everything is outside of what a common-thinking “yellow” brain can understand.

I keep accepting myself and know that this is my true and sincere goal that will be realized:

On January 27, I paid NT$30,000 for my Class 101 event.

On January 31, I completed the event.

On February 1, I earned 2.5 times the above fee.

On February 2, I collected NT$500,000, and my friend gave me NT$18,000 for no special reason, just for celebrating our joyful life.

At the end of February, I had NT$150,000 in return. And, this is 5 times more than what I invested in my RSE beginning event.

I am grateful for what the completely perfect and loving universe has brought to me to experience: the completion of love. I am grateful for Ramtha, the wind of wisdom to come to my life, and beautiful JZ, for her willingness to be the channel.

I am grateful for Mike Wright of RSE, who fully allowed us filled with determination. I am very lucky to be taught by him. Thank you all in RSE Taiwan Team for creating this event. I love you so much and am content for what I have learnt.

Will continue my knowingness, to be open-minded, my disciplines in action, to enjoy every moment, and achieve the Great Work. So be it!

— Colette Wang

February 2, 2016

A full-time house wife that loves to learn,

Part-time in financial industry,

and knitting teacher.

In her story, Colette Wang mentions various of the focus techniques that she learned at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment’s Class 101. You can also learn these effective techniques at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, live or online, at The Class 101: Remarkable Mind, open to the public:

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