Ramtha on preparedness 30 years ago, President Obama’s Emergencies Budget, and News on Earthquakes

Ramtha’s message on preparedness and the consciousness of sovereignty, more than 30 years ago, continue to be ever more relevant to the general public today, amidst the real dangers of Climate Change and Plate Tectonics instability reported by the news and expert scientists in the field today. Ramtha’s far-sight and prudent warnings about earthquakes and Earth changes coming, way ahead of the times, are now being echoed by scientists and Presidential budgets on preparedness:

Read News Article: Earthquake warning system for West Coast gets lift in Obama budget

Watch video news from expert scientist on Mega Quake coming:


Read Ramtha’s original message about this from 1986:

Ramtha, Change, the Days to Come, May 17 – 18, 1986

“The zippers will always run along those Earth planes or continental lines that are most involved in movement — moving — allow the Earth’s crust to move. You should understand this because in the days to come, you are going to reflect on what you have learned here because you are all going to experience it.”

“The zipper is the Earth’s breathing point. Know you that your continent is moving? It is. Know you that all the shelves and plates in your Earth are moving? They are all in motion, even this moment that I am speaking to you. The world is getting ready for its new change, its new appearance, its new look, and its expanded self.”

“The world is recycling itself. It is called by your scientists plate tectonics. The plates are being formed in your ocean floor and they are moving according to that which is called the polar pulls, the magnetic fields. At the present moment there are enough plates that have been created at the bottom of your sea that are now moving toward your coastline, which is putting pressure on the zipper and as a result the landmasses of your Pacific Coast are now in a movement thrusting north.”

“Your prophecies of the great earthquake were ominous, like rather a necromancer looming over the Earth, and your world was fearing that California would fall into the sea. Where would it go? The ocean floor is moving toward California. Where would it fall into? Where would it go? … The plates move into the Earth’s floor and they begin to pull themselves in a northern direction. … But of its landmass and that which is called California are on a northern trek. It is moving north. It is not going to break up and fall into the ocean. Certainly the waves from the zipper and its moving, they are going to do away with many wonderful homes that were built so close to the sea for that wonderful view. They are going to get a grand view.”

“The world, in harmony with the sun, is on its evolutionary process. It is creating a new Earth, which is in harmony with a new Earth of superconsciousness and a new mind, a new God, new understanding. Everything is working in balance.”

“That which is called the continental shelf has created new landmass that is now pressing your shores, and what is old will go under and what is new will surface. … But your quakes will continue. Your mountains will continue to blow their heads off.”

“Now this activity is continuing on. There will come a great quake, but it isn’t ‘the quake.’ There never was ‘the quake,’ as it were. There was only evolution, for the pressure is building up and the movement is occurring. Your zippers are fault lines. It is not that the crevice is sinking but that it is moving. Find out for yourself where it is moving to.”

“Now, masters, those plates are plate tectonics. It is the new Earth coming forward. It is the hour for the Earth to rejuvenate herself except unless you have been ignorant enough to build your houses on a zipper or at the top of a steam valve. There are many entities who have sought to be close to the sea for its invigorating refreshment, its forever mobile essence, its healing Spirit. There is nothing wrong with that. It is a grand place to be but will be no longer, because the Earth is moving. If you have your hovel propped upon the beach, it is going to be washed away. If you are wondering what you did to create this manifestation, it is what you didn’t do. Understand? It wasn’t that God doesn’t love you anymore, you always have been and always will. It is not reasoning and being in harmony with the flow of nature.”

“In these days to come, one should leave the beaches and seek higher ground. If you are perched upon a grandiose hovel that is sitting on a moving zipper, it would be well-advised and the greatest of wisdom to pack your belongings and go somewhere else.”

“Now you will find many reasons why you shouldn’t do this. After all, look how much you paid for that place, and it has got such a grand view, and ‘I love it here.’ Stay, stay. Don’t go anywhere. Just stay there but understand that you love the view more than the next view that is going to come. You may do whatever you want to do, but your Earth is moving.”

“In the days to come, seek dry ground, higher ground, away from the oceans. Allow nature to move. Allow her to create and be one with it. Do you hear me? Now is that a dreadful thing to hear? You must understand, embrace that which is called knowingness with wisdom. Then you are in the flow of life. So be it. To life, forever and ever.”

— Ramtha

Message from JZ Knight over the years:
“RSE students are not survivalists. We are sovereignists. We have always been taught to be prepared for anything, to be able to provide and care for ourselves and our families. A sovereign person is able to support their life without gambling on banks, the stock market, or paper investments. I am very proud of this culture of RSE and that our students have heard this message from Ramtha for over 25 years,” quoting JZ Knight’s consistent message for decades.

For Ramtha’s teachings on the current Earth Changes and his forecast of things to come over three decades ago, now making headline news, read the book:

Ramtha, Last Waltz of the Tyrants, the Prophecy Revisited








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