This Sunday RSE celebrates 39 years since Ramtha first appeared to JZ Knight in her kitchen in 1977!

A tribute to JZ Knight and Ramtha on their 39 anniversary of their Great Work and beyond!

Recent photo of Ramtha the Enlightened One, channeled by JZ Knight.

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(Photo by Melissa Peizer, 2015)


“After a few moments, I lifted the end of the pyramid just to eye level and, laughing so hard that tears were streaming from my eyes, I caught the glimmer of a bright light at the other end of my kitchen … I blinked, and to my utter shock and amazement, there stood a giant man at the other end of my kitchen … just standing there, aglow.”

“This … thing … was made all of light, like golden glitter dropped through a ray of sunlightA blue light blazed and filled the room with an aura of innocence and holy peace that emanated from this stately form … I formed an utterance of words that must have come from a feeble innocence within my being. ‘You are so beautiful. Who are you?’

“I am Ramtha the Enlightened One. I have come to help you over the ditch.”

— JZ Knight

Excerpt from her bestseller book, A State of Mind — My Story

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