“E.T. Intervention Prevented Nuclear War, Says Former Apollo Astronaut”

Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell in front of a graphic of the mission patch. Credits: NASA

“One of the six men to set foot on the moon back in 1971, Edgar Mitchell, has never held back on remarks about extraterrestrial existence and activity, but his recent statements are nothing short of amazing.”

“He says aliens were not just simply visiting our planet or studying human behavior, but actively attempting to stop the Cold War before it even began,” Published by News, February 12, 2016

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Graphic interpretation of UFO sighting at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment in Yelm, Washington.

From the very beginning of Ramtha’s teachings on UFOs and Alien intervention, Ramtha explained why nuclear weapons have always been a grave concern to Alien races observing humanity.

This is from one of Ramtha’s first teachings on UFOs, August 1988, in Yucca Valley, California:

“Your planet should have been burned to a cinder ten thousand years ago. It has been cleaned up several times. It has been destroyed by the releasing of the atom. Did you know there was a civilization that through its alchemy discovered the atom and its energy sources but didn’t know how to harness it? Do you know this has happened before? Those fireballs are what restored this atmosphere. They are benevolent beings that have been watching and taking care of you. They want you to know about them but they can’t let you know until you are ready to know. You have to be ready to understand a truth that has nothing to do with religion.”


And the following is an excerpt from the book of Ramtha, “UFOs and the Nature of Reality”:

“There are so many historical events that took place which, of course, you would never know because you are not above top secret.”

“An extraordinary level of Gods — none of which I have talked to you about but of whom I know — landed in a secret base, and the president of your country came in on a meeting that would change his life forever.”

What they said to this man [President Eisenhower] was simply this: ‘You are infected. Your world is infected with a race that has proliferated war, not for the destruction of nations but that they can use to the destruction of the world. Your own government and your corporations and your people who slavishly fund them have bought off on a technology, and we are here to tell you that you must disarm all your weapons, you must banish all of these beings, and we will help you do so. But if you do not, your world is doomed.’ ”


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