Caltech Scientists Have Now Found Evidence for a New Giant Planet in Our Solar System That Ramtha Described in Detail back in 2001

Ramtha drawing the solar system orbits in Cadaques, Spain, April 2001(Ramtha drawing the solar system with extra elongated orbital planet, Spain 2001)

“This week [January 22, 2016], two Caltech scientists announced that an unseen giant planet some 10 times the mass of Earth may lie beyond the Kuiper belt, the icy ring of debris where dwarf planet Pluto resides. If true, it would become the first planet found in more than 150 years, since Neptune was discovered in 1846,” quoting the Los Angeles Times, January 22, 2016.

Read more and watch the Caltech video report here

Caltech scientists Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown make the case for Planet Nine, a giant planet tracing a bizarre, highly elongated orbit of about 20,000 years in the outer solar system.

Ramtha described in 2001 that the planet of the beings who came to Earth and had a hand in jump-starting our genetic evolution has an extremely long elliptical orbit, as the research of the Caltech scientists shows. Ramtha explained that it takes 25,000 years for that planet to complete one orbit around our sun.

Ramtha's solar system diagram

Elliptical orbit of a potential 9th planet, from the Caltech video interview in the LA Times news report, Jan. 22, 2016

Elliptical orbit of a potential 9th planet, from the Caltech video interview in the LA Times news report, Jan. 22, 2016


Ramtha’s description of the elliptical elongated orbit from Cadaques, Spain, April 2001:

“The Hubble Telescope is able to tell scientists about the value of light coming from what is photographic. But what is blocked out by the sun that is on the same periphery as you are? Don’t you think those scientists know that? They just don’t say anything, because they know that it isn’t about nine planets but what are the planets we do not see yet feel the gravitational pull.”

“So they came here to mine gold, because wherever you find a watery planet you will find gold. And why would gold be needed? To subsidize an atmosphere that goes to the elliptical from the sun so far out in space it takes 25,000 years to make a singular orbit.”

— Ramtha

Cadaques, Spain, April 5, 2001.

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Ramtha’s original teachings on this subject

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As early as January 1986, Ramtha spoke of another planet in our solar system that scientists would eventually discover:

“There are those that are on the planet that is opposite in line with your Earth on the other side of the sun, which your scientists will discover before the end of this your century. So you have another planet out there you didn’t know you had.”

— Ramtha

January 1986

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