Headline News: “Earth May Spin Faster as Glaciers Melt,” researches say

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“Melting ice triggered by global warming may make Earth whirl faster than before and could shift the axis on which the planet spins, researchers say.
This could also affect sunset times, as the length of Earth’s day depends on the speed at which the planet rotates on its axis.”

“When polar ice caps melt, they remove weight off underlying rock, which then rebounds upward
This makes the poles less flat and the planet more round overall. This should in turn cause Earth to tilt a bit and spin more quickly.
However, previous research mysteriously could not find evidence that melting glaciers were triggering a shift in either Earth’s rotation or axis that was as great as predicted.”

“Now, in a new study, researchers may have solved this enigma and shown that rising sea levels are indeed affecting Earth’s spin and axis.”

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Ramtha has always warned his students since his advent in the late 1970s – before this was even headline news – about the Critical Earth Changes we are experiencing Now, precipitated by human action.

For more information on this subject, read: Ramtha, The Last Waltz of the Tyrants

“The Earth is going to shift on its axis — a small amount but a lot — three degrees at first.
A three-degree axis shift is momentous. That is coming because of the melting of the icecaps.”
– Ramtha
April 14, 2007
Yelm, WA

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