Simon Parkes states he supports the Ramtha school!

From JZ:
“This interview [September 20, 2015] with Simon Parkes might be interesting to you. He publicly states that he supports the Ramtha school.
He says, this is the only school that has never been corrupted and maintained their message.”
Click here for the video.

From The Triad:
“Not to be missed!  Simon talks about the importance of the last few weeks of the month of September 2015. Father Miceal Ledwith introduces Linda McCallum who brings on the questions to Simon about what is happening and questions Simon about what can we do about it. The theater is packed to the point that fold out chairs have to be set up. You are welcome to watch this interview as many times as you want and to pass this filming freely to everyone you know as Simon wants this spread far and wide so that people are prepared for what may come next. We thank Jayne of Many Colors [Owner, The Triad] for bringing this fabulous event to our little town of Yelm Washington, and we hope that the internet stays up for more such events as things unfold!”

Parkes added:
He wants connecting consciousness to work with the Ramtha School, said that he sees us working together, this is not something separate… rather to complement each other…and to not work against each other.

“The Ramtha School so far as I know is the only school that has maintained its message. So many of these schools change their message to suit the times they’re in.”
Credit: The Triad Theater

Posted: September 22nd, 2015 - Featured Articles, JZ Knight, News Headlines, Ramtha

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