JZ shares her insights on 2014 and 2015 Italy events UFO sightings

August 21, 2014, Photo Credit: Carol Caughey
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“The is a photo of the UFO last year in August as well.

Of importance here, Spiritual Enlightenment is much more than is commonly thought. To know and then to experience other beings from beyond our world is an initiation into complete open mindedness, that creator of all is all and ‘all’ is inclusive to other universes, dimensions and realities. Our God within is also without and we are connected to all by love. For the RSE student, spiritual illumination begins with knowledge about ourselves, then to learn our potentials far beyond being locked in our identity of the past. We learn how to improve our lives and apply ourselves in many unlimited ways by pursuing our realities toward the future, not limited by our pasts. In this way we live not by a ‘spiritual slice’ in our brain but as opening beings pursuing what once was just a dream. Ramtha began his teachings long ago telling us that our thoughts mattered, truly. Becoming our fundamental realities… Change your thoughts, change your reality, now that is the future. Living new thoughts that manifest into new and bright experiences. Now we are alive… Our life is exciting.
Ramtha, went on to teach us more about the future and we began to open more of our minds to exotic possibilities, other beings, other futures. All the way through this marvelous path the future is rolling out of our Spirit…
These Craft and occupants are as much a part of our reality as common life is to you. This is why at all our events, the weather changes, crafts appear and help us to move further into the open mindfulness and thus closer to these ancient and beautiful beings. We are all Spiritual beings, but it is much much more than saying it… It’s living it.
Conscience & Energy create the nature of Reality, the more knowledge you know the more reality you have. Ramtha taught us all TO CREATE OUR DAY, CREATE OUR NEW MINDS, and we are learning this more and more.
I wanted you to know a bit about RSE and me.
You can do it.”

August 13, 2015, Photo credit: Ido Avnery

“I wanted to share with you important information with you about our great Italy event in August this year.
Our event is always held in the mountains above Bologna [at Sportilia, adjacent the town of Spinello, Italy]. Notable here is Ramtha had always said there was an important UFO base in the mountains near our venue. We have always encountered remarkable phenomenon at this venue, so the photo above is another craft over our venue and near the lovely villa I stay in.
The following photo has a close up of the craft as you can see but best to enlarge for better view.”

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August 14, 2015, in the southwest sky as witnessed by Marc Hazewinkel and Steve Klein

“The craft above the venue of Italy.”

Group Photo taken August 18, 2015, Photo credit: Ido Avnery

“And this was our beautiful Italian event that the Craft, UFO’s were observing and with😇”

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