“The Garden of Infinite Possibilities,” created by RSE Students, Alex Acquarone, author, and Sophia Kountzeri, illustrator

The Garden of Infinite Possibilities

During the past year, I experienced a very rough period in my life. All of a sudden, my business activities came to a halt and I found myself without an income and with increasing debts. I moved to Spinello (Italy) and decided to dedicate myself to my disciplines for many hours each day. After a few months, I started focusing on prosperity and drew a golden tree as a symbol.

Immediately, I heard my God saying: “Write a book!”

I was confused because I didn’t have a clue how to go about it. Then I remembered the Ram saying: “When the opportunity comes, engage it!

A few days later, I started writing this book and … in about 2 weeks, it just flowed out of me with no effort whatsoever. When I shared the draft with some friends, many of them told me: “Hey, you touched my heart!”; “You made me cry!”; “I find it so beautiful!” But most of all, I liked the comments from some children saying that they don’t like books but they loved this one.

It is from those comments that I realized that true prosperity to me is being able to live and speak from my God, adding life to life through my creativity. This book comes from my God and it’s dedicated to all the children in the world, young … and old.

— Alex Acquarone, author


The experience of working on this book was one of great inspiration, outright fun, and at times sheer terror at the mere thought that I was contributing to something that was to be published and seen by many! It was thanks to my disciplines from RSE that got me through those challenging moments and when I felt I had hit a creative brick-wall. Needless to say, they worked every time!

The Garden of Infinite Possibilities was my big and wonderful runner, one which helped me to go beyond my personal limitations, self-doubt, and challenged me every step of the way. It was truly a labor of love and a project which brought me tremendous joy. What a blessing, knowing that each day I awoke, I would get to do what I love: draw and create! In the process, I rediscovered my inner child, the one who used to dream and think that anything is possible! Through this beautiful book, my creativity came back to life and for that I am truly grateful. For me, this in itself was and is the most fabulous wealth! May we all be brave enough to follow our passion, no matter what the cost!

— Sophia Kountzeri, illustrator

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