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Vivian Clermont attributes healing to RSE training

Vivian Clermont

Long-time RSE student Vivian Clermont shares her remarkable story of healing in her own words:

“I had been fighting episodes of post-menopausal bleeding for over 12 years. About 10 years ago I received a questionable pap smear and was told I had a possible cancer and they performed a D and C and found nothing. I am 73 years old and thought that the bleeding was over but some bleeding was still reoccurring. Every six months I went for an endometrial biopsy where they tested the uterine tissue to make sure that what they called Hyperplasia (thickening of the uterus wall) was not tipping over into a cancerous condition. In early April the last biopsy tested positive for a malignancy and I was scheduled for a full laparoscopic hysterectomy. They wanted to do it that same week but I made them postpone it until April 17th as I wanted to work on this with the tools that Ram has taught.

I retired from the State Agency DSHS over a year ago and was bored so I went to work at the Red Wind Casino as their Operator. If you phone the Casino you get me. Every day I would walk the length of the Casino and back in my Neighborhood Walk® repeating to myself ‘I am Radiant Health; I have no cancer cells in my body.’ I would repeat that same statement going to sleep at night and at any time of the day that I felt any doubt creep into my mind just as Ram had taught. I visualized the Blue Star every day over that area of my body. As I would walk I would actually see the words forming before my very eyes and I would be oblivious to anyone else passing me.

I went into surgery on April 17th and visualized the Blue Star and repeated ‘I am Radiant Health’ as I went under anesthesia. When I woke up they told me that everything had progressed very well. I took one pain pill and that was it and never took another pain pill during the recovery period. I stayed overnight and went home the next day still repeating ‘I am radiant health and there is no cancer cells in my body.’ The results of the biopsy of the tissue they took out (which was the same tissue they did the original biopsy on) showed that everything was benign. At my follow up visit the doctor’s exact words were ‘you have no cancer cells in your body’ and I did not require any further treatment.

I went back to work after three weeks but was experiencing bouts of incontinence because of the new positions of the remaining organs in the body. I still did the walk and repeated my statement of radiant health. I saw urologists and they said that it would take three to four months for things to come back to a normal condition and that I should actually expect up to six months because, after all, I am 73 years old and it was amazing I was healing as fast as I was. I would not accept this and kept using the tools that Ram had given us. After five weeks things are basically back to normal.

The doctors could not explain why the removed tissue from the operation tested benign. They tried to explain it away with various explanations, but I know what happened. This shows that within one week and a half I used the teachings and removed the cancer cells from my body. CAT scans showed nothing any other place in my body either. Ram has always said the in an instant one can heal any disease in the body and my instant in this case was a week and one half. I submit this as proof that we can do this and that mind matters. My last visit with my doctor resulted in her stating that I was impatient by thinking that I can snap back real quick from major surgery but then she amended it by saying that perhaps I should keep that thinking up as it seems to be working and that the mind has a lot to do with healing the body.”

Click here for the diagnosis of the carcinoma.

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