Yellowstone supervolcano larger than thought –
Ramtha teachings on the Yellowstone caldera

“Yellowstone Ash Fall Deposits”
Map Courtesy: USGS

– “Magma expanse under Yellowstone supervolcano more vast than thought”
“The park is a supervolcano so enormous, it has puzzled geophysicists for decades, but now a research group, using seismic technology to scan its depths, have made a bombshell discovery.

Yellowstone’s magma reserves are many magnitudes greater than previously thought, say scientists from the University of Utah.

Underneath the national park’s attractions and walking paths is enough hot rock to fill the Grand Canyon nearly 14 times over. Most of it is in a newly discovered magma reservoir, which the scientists featured in a study published on Thursday [April 23] in the journal Science,” by Ben Brumfield, CNN.
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Ramtha brings knowledge for students and their families to make prudent decisions about their future
“There are many terrible things that we could talk about but they really pale compared to the financial markets. Never put all your wealth into undefinable paper that is electronic. Your wealth should go into real things that protect your family, your investment in your underground, and real foodstuffs.
We only need one massive volcanic action — whether it is Yellowstone or the Long Valley Caldera in California — we only need one to go off to create starvation for the planet for seven straight years, for it would blot out the sun and decimate all the crops. It is very prudent to have put your investment into preservation for you and your family.”

– Ramtha
Yelm, WA
January 14, 2012
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2. “I said I would send you three runners, three earthquakes in a row, and they came. When I told you about the Long Valley Caldera, no one had told you about that. There are a few of them around the world. You should be cognizant of them. Don’t make your homes near them: That means northern California, in Montana near Yellowstone Park, and east of it. Going east from any catastrophe is downwind of it, and you are in danger.”
– Ramtha
Yelm, WA
April 14, 2007
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3. “The supervolcano has been warned about by scientists everywhere. In some parts it is called the long caldera, but which one is it: the one in Montana, the Yellowstone Caldera, or is it the Long Valley Caldera of the gamblers of Northern California, or is it the caldera in Siberia? Which one will go off? What is a caldera? It is a massive volcano with its magma right underneath the surface. It isn’t a mountain. A caldera can be forty miles long and its magma twenty miles deep. It is not a mountain volcano; it is something worse than that. They are a part of the engines of evolutionary change. They are not unnatural. They are not bad for you. You should understand their nature and respect it.”
– Ramtha
Yelm, WA
October 9, 2010
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