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“Rising Tide, The Climate Crisis”

Ed Schultz, The Ed Show
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– The Ed Show original series “Rising Tide, The Climate Crisis” airs April 27-May 1 at 5pm EDT
From the show transcript for Wednesday April 22nd, 2015 –
SCHULTZ: Florida is ground zero for the impact of climate change. Our team traveled around the State of Florida to hear from the people who want action to protect their homes and their environment.

Tune in all next week here on the Ed Show for Ed Show original series “Rising Tide, The Climate Crisis”.

It`s amazing. We talked to the scientists, we talked to the climate deniers, we talked to the business leaders. And what is the future for Florida as the water continues to come up.

There is a huge water problem in South Florida.
We`ll bring it to you all next week here on the Ed Show.
“Rising Tide”, all about climate change.
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