RSE Student Carolyn GiaMarco uses C&E® and Blue Body® for healing

Carolyn GiaMarco

Carolyn GiaMarco tells the story of healing her eye using the disciplines taught by Ramtha in her own words:

“I noticed last New Year’s Eve (2013 into 14) after putting on a costume that included an eye patch (which I put over my right eye) that my left eye was very blurry and I felt very stressed trying to use just it rather than both eyes so I began webbing it every time it noticed it. My yearly eye checkup was due so I made an appointment as soon as they could fit me in. When I did get there my distance vision in the left eye was grossly worse than it had been the year before (Jan 2013) and although the doctor could see a small rupture of a vessel had occurred; it had by then already grown new vessels circumventing the blocked torn spot. But that didn’t explain the continuing vision problem. So, she suggested I see a specialist to make certain there wasn’t a worse condition her equipment couldn’t detect.

When I saw him with different imaging he could see a large hole had formed in the back of the eyeball because of fluid from the tear and he put me on a new test eye drops treatment for the next 90 days. I continued to web it every time I thought about it. It was only slightly improved when I returned 6 weeks later and he asked me to continue on the treatment for another 3 months till the drops ran out. By June it was a little better but still no where near gone and he suggested I have surgery to remove the fluid, but I told him since it wasn’t going to make me blind and was only annoying when I tried to read or do candle focus, I preferred to continue working on healing it myself. (webbing it to heal it) When I returned in Sept it had shrunk, and healed a lot and the doctor said he thought I had made the right decision not to do the surgery. I continued webbing my eyes whenever I thought about them for another 3 months and had another check up in Dec. when he found the fluid was nearly totally gone, my vision was markedly better, and the hole had mostly disappeared too. (See the 3/18/14 photos of the hole and 12/16/14 photos of the once hole.)

The doctor did stress that I still needed to get my blood pressure under control or it could happen again. So I’ve been doing C&E® daily with daily wine and pipe as often as I can get it, webbing, and occasionally doing Blue Body® dance. I agreed recently to participate in a research study to test some more natural blood pressure treatments and cardio vascular care products. After they lent me a BP reading machine I’ve checked it every day and found that although I take my three BP meds daily it is still running high (182-193), except when I have a couple glasses of wine and pipe daily and then it runs in the (140’s-150’s). When I went into the doctor again to check, we found my BP level was 35 points below what it had been at home so the doctor asked me to bring in my machine for a check. When I did it was definitely reading 30 points higher than my actual reading. I have been watching my diet and taking the herbals too, but this proved the C&E® had helped because the readings have been consistent from before I began using the herbals. I still have some work to do but I’m looking to a time soon that I can quit all my pharmaceuticals and even permanently cure it with Blue Body and natural products & supplements. Eventually not needing any of it anymore.

– Carolyn GiaMarco

Click here for the before and after scans.

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