JZ’s 1988 UFO Address at Yucca Valley

UFOs and The Nature of Reality: Preparing for Contact
By Ramtha

– It has been twenty-five years since Ramtha’s initial teachings in 1988 on UFOs and alien contact.
Ramtha’s message is unique in contrast to other traditional and popular explanations of UFOs regarding the nature and purpose of their occupants and alien visitors to our home planet. He removes the superstition and fear, the separation, and any sense of inferiority or need to worship that people may feel toward other alien races regardless of how technologically advanced they may be. He also points out what makes human beings unique and an integral part of a great, long-awaited, and carefully-planned future beyond contact and describes it in terms of interdimensional mind.

Ramtha’s message for almost four decades remains as consistent and powerful as ever:
* You are all equally Gods, the creators of reality in a quantum field of infinite possibilities.
* You are all aliens on an away mission of exploration and evolution to make known the unknown.

This newly revised and substantially expanded edition of UFOs and the Nature of Reality complements Ramtha’s original teachings of Raiders from Above and UFOs: Interdimensional Understanding and Making Contact from 1988 with the groundshaking and recent prophetic teaching, The Opus of the Ram, delivered twenty-three years later in 2011. We reconstructed the book entirely to incorporate these three teachings into one continuous flow in a single volume.

This new edition is divided into three major parts:
Part I: Alien Races on Earth, Consciousness, and Interdimensional Mind;
Part II: The Great Armada and the War of Light; and
Part III: Preparing for Contact and for the Future.

– Preface: JZ’s Address at Yucca Valley in 1988
“I started to ask Ramtha a little bit about whether these things really exist out there for other people, because I knew I had these experiences.”

“Back in January of this year, I had a wonderful conversation with a gentleman, Whitley Strieber, who wrote the book Communion, and my conversation with him led to some memories that I had. In my book, A State of Mind, I talked about an experience I had with a UFO when I was thirteen years old at a slumber party. All of my life I never got the answer to that mysterious experience of those missing hours that evening that happened to myself and three other girls at the slumber party. I wouldn’t remember that experience until about four years later.

I never really wanted to know from Ramtha what happened to me, and whenever he would talk about flying saucers — or higher brothers — I never wanted to know that much about them. I had a real reticence inside of me. And of course with the Ram, if you want to know something, you ask him and he will address it. I never wanted to ask him about this experience and yet I knew that there were very profound things that would happen, because even in the last four years I would sit and be talking on the phone or talking with my staff, and on my notepad I would make these triangles, just pages and pages of triangles. You know how people doodle? That is what I would do.

When I was talking with Whitley Strieber, the first thing he said to me was, ‘I would like to thank you for channeling Ramtha. He is the greatest teacher of all time. He is telling people the truth and,’ he said, ‘I just am happy to be able to tell you that.’
I just sat there for a minute and asked, ‘How do you know he is a great teacher?’
He said, ‘Well, you know, my friends know him. He is speaking truth. He is the only one that is talking about this.’ He said, ‘Now I have my cabin and I have my things and I have all of my life taken care of over here.’ He said, ‘He is the only one that is bold enough to talk about the things that are happening with the Earth,’ and so on and so forth.
I asked, ‘How do you know that these things are true?’
He said, ‘Because my friends tell me that. That is one of the reasons they are here.’

Upon talking with him about further experiences, I wanted to know more about the things that happened to me because I had also had two other experiences that I didn’t write about, and the circumstances surrounding them I don’t think warranted putting them in the book. After talking to Whitley Strieber, these feelings started coming up and so did memories of different things. I started to ask Ramtha a little bit about whether these things really exist out there for other people, because I knew I had these experiences. And he said ‘absolutely.’

We started talking about it and I felt this fear well up inside of me. I started hyperventilating and I just said, ‘I don’t want to know any more.’

So after about a week of that, I decided probably the best thing to do would be to allow the Ram to talk about UFOs: who are they, where do they come from, what is their purpose here, and is it a myth or is it an actual truth that exists. On July 24, 1988, we held the first UFO day in Washington State, which was dynamic. I knew the Ram held back a lot of information because when I came back to my body, I had never had such a severe headache. I knew that he had held back a lot of information because, quite frankly, a lot of the people that were in the audience weren’t ready to hear it, just like I wasn’t ready to hear all of the things that had really happened to me. I think that was very wise that he did that.

So he gave a lot of information to us and explained a lot of things about the kidnappers. The title of that day was called ‘Raiders from Above.’ It gave some answers but there were still a lot of missing pieces. Those missing pieces I hoped would be followed up in future teachings.

The reason that you are here is because of curiosity and wanting to go a step further and a step further, realizing there are a lot of other people out there that have probably had these same experiences or have a true and earnest desire to understand, not because they want to be fanatics and worship higher brothers from the Pleiades but just for the knowledge itself. And I am glad because if you really want to know, you are going to know. And if you want to make contact, you are going to make contact if the sincerity is there.

Hopefully with knowledge and understanding, all of us, including myself, will gain a greater ability — it is called interdimensional understanding — to understand them and therefore make the path right in order to have a contact or at least have a great display, to have them say, ‘Okay, we know; we are aware of you.’

There is something I learned recently from Ramtha and I want all of you to think about this. We magnetize to us what we are. If we create fear inside of ourselves because we are in lack, we are going to draw those kinds of situations to us. But the more we learn and the greater detail that we learn, the greater our ability to draw something great to us. If we can gain it upstairs in our brain and know it in our soul, then we are going to draw to us beings that we will be able to at least, hopefully, communicate with and open the door to a real friendship that I think once upon a time was alive and well here on this plane.

I am not going to guarantee — and I can’t — that we are going to have somebody from the Pleiades come down and have dinner with us one evening, and I wouldn’t even assume that. I think this is to understand and to hope that through that understanding something wonderful will happen.

We are conditioned — we are conditioned from birth, prior to birth, and in generations — that our civilization is based on a rational mind that is made up of a certain amount of knowledge, a certain amount of emotion, a lot of conditioning, and a lot of tradition. There is a stigma to all which abhors anything that doesn’t belong in those areas. And we are conditioned that if we experience something like that, our immediate reaction is that people are going to think we are crazy, and they usually do because we are kept with blinders on. We do it to all of our friends and we do it to people around us because we won’t share things with them since we think they will think we are crazy. So we perpetuate that stigma in ourselves. We don’t share things because we know we will be ostracized for it, and yet where did that feeling come from? That comes from generations.

There are so many unknowns that are factual unknowns but they cannot fit into this box called civilization. It doesn’t work, and people see that. Do you know how many people see those UFOs in the sky? Yet no one wants to talk about it because if they do, they will be ostracized. If everyone woke up and said, ‘I want to know all of the facts that are the un-facts,’ there is no one that is going to stop us.
Unto the unknown.”

— JZ Knight

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