Jan Pfeiffer-
A Light to his World

Jan Pfeiffer and his grandma , Oma (Johanna)

Jan Pfeiffer’s story of being inspired by what he learned at RSE in 2014 and to utilize the teachings as a light in his world in his own words:

“My name is Jan Pfeifer from Germany, have been in school for almost 10 years.
Inspired by Steve Klein, I gave a little speech at the Catholic funeral of my grandma, who recently died at the age of 93.
This is something I had actually experienced with her after her death.
I had written down this experience and then an idea came to me inspired by Steve, to read it aloud at her funeral.
This all came to me in the middle of her requiem mass – to say something about my grandma, which is what I read in front of more than 100 more or less depressed people.”

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for Jan’s touching eulogy for his beloved grandmother, Oma.

“And by the way, one day before, when I was on my way to south of Germany (about 300 miles from my home) to the funeral,
I passed by the Casino, hit a new record of mine, and made 5000 Euro ($5,500 USD) at Roulette.
And if not enough, when I met my sister at and after the funeral, with whom I had no contact for many years, the relationship developed in wonderful ways, which was a big wish of mine.

This all never would have been even thinkable without RSE.”

Thank you,
Jan Pfeifer

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