Lanakila Washington describes his second healing using Blue Body® and the Neighborhood Walk®

Lanakila Washington

Lanakila Washington describes his latest healing using what he was taught by Ramtha. Here is his story in his own words:

“My name is Lanakila Washington and I was introduced to this wonderful school seven years ago. In February of 2008 I attended the beginners retreat and learned the C&E® discipline. I began clearing away the debris of illness and judgement which slowly started melting away as I continued the disciplines learned from the school. Coming from a background of Buddhism and Tai-Chi, I knew the power of being proficient in discipline.

Over two years ago, I was admitted to the hospital with acute kidney failure. In the hospital, I immediately employed Blue Body® and C&E® along with being admitted to a room large enough for me to do the Neighborhood Walk® every morning! I spent three nights in the hospital and returned home with full function of my kidneys, no treatment or dialysis was done, with before/after official records posted here.

In late February 2015, I had a rectal procedure done due to daily bleeding that had been occurring for more than six months, to the point that I took myself to the emergency room one early morning. I never gave up holding focus that I have always been healed and well in my Neighborhood Walk® and moving blue energy throughout my body. I declared whatever was going on was leaving my body straight away. In December” I asked my doctor to take a look and she referred me to a rectal/colon doctor who took a look in February and decided that the mass tissue and lesions should be removed and biopsied for any form of cancer. I continued my disciplines of presence in The Great Work as well as my chanting, which I evolved to the now frequency. The surgery was a great success with all of the tissue being removed, with pre-cancerous non-invasive cells located in them. I required no treatment – I am healing fast and free of what would have been much like skin cancer had I not had the knowingness to address the issue, just as I did in advance when I learned my kidneys had stopped functioning.

I give thanks to JZ, Ramtha, the school staff and all who work behind the scenes, allowing us to learn and do the great work!

Click here for the hospital records showing the before/after results.

UPDATE: April 16, 2015
“I went to my follow up today [April 15] and my doctor stated that my body healed like a body of a 21 year old.
The wonderful thing about that statement is, that in my Neighborhood Walk®, I’ have always been 30 years young.
In birth years, I am 52. smile.”

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