JZ Knight’s message to RSE students

JZ Knight

Posted by JZ Knight on her Facebook page, March 13, 2015:
Good Lovely Day or Evening you beautiful Folkies!
I just want to jump into your thoughts and interrupt them for a moment..the next few moments to come are your futures…insert in a paused thought:
“I am filled with the love of God” or
“I have always had radiant health” or how about this
“I have always been a genius, always.”

If you do this, your mind which is inextricably combined in DNA, will change and send a copy of matching genes to express those words after your-paused focus on the words.
Also, your Spirit will observe the words and instigate the reality of them from the quantum field.
Those simple words, paused and seen in your frontal lobe make all this possible.

The truth is, you have interrupted your personality program of the past and made a future without it.
Always know, unless we intentionally pause and create a moment of future, we live everyday day with yesterday’s past. No future in it.
Try it with conviction…. You will be happy you did‼

Big Fab Hugs to you❤️✨

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