Valentine’s Day, 2015 –
Ramtha: “The Magic of Finding Our Perfect Mirror”

Excerpt adapted from Ramtha:
That Elixir Called Love; The Truth about Sexual Attraction, Secret Fantasies, and the Magic of True Love

“What do we do when we fall in love? When we have worked on ourself, when we have rooted out our secrets, found the source of our anger, rooted out our self-guilt, told the truth, because you can’t love someone when you are battling your own guilt. To make them be your redeemer is idiocy. You have to do it yourself. You have to clean the vessel. That means that you have put all your attention to you, and you take your life apart and you put it back together again. Change the way you live, please. Please. Love is not what goes in your mouth. It isn’t about how much food you can consume. It isn’t about how much sex you have. It isn’t about how cool you look. It isn’t about how much money you have. It is all waste. It all turns to crap.

Now I will tell you the greatest love affair there ever was is God loving you into life and having the patience to allow you to be alive, you who have squandered it through pizza and beer, squandered it through all of your addictions. Your heart is still beating — amazing, amazing. Amazing your heart is still beating.”

“When we find a person whose mind mirrors our own — mirrors: their thoughts are our thoughts, our thoughts are theirs, not because they want to be, because they naturally are — when you find a person who thinks as highly of you as you do of yourself and vice versa, the magnetic power of mind to mind is billions of years transcendent of sexual attraction.”
– Ramtha

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First published here in 2013.

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