“Smart Gene’ That Also Helps You Live Longer” –
Ramtha on the “immortal gene”

“This undated handout illustration shows the DNA double helix.” Photo credit: AFP

– “Do You Have The ‘Smart Gene’ That Also Helps You Live Longer?”
“The “smart gene,” the “longevity gene,” the “awesome gene,” or whatever you want to call it, here’s hoping that this little genetic superpower is part of your DNA.

Researchers have discovered that a variant of a gene associated with longevity has some added benefits: improved learning and a better memory. It’s also linked to a bigger forebrain, or prefrontal cortex, which is in charge of our planning and decision-making.

What’s more, middle-aged and older people with this gene variant perform better on cognitive tests as they age,” quoting Laura Kenny, Managing Editor, Yahoo Health.
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– Ramtha on the “immortal gene”
“I marched an army daily on a very odd mixture of things that I would not recommend that you do because you don’t march, nor do you swing a broadsword. The body doesn’t need excess. It just needs enough to sustain.
We want the body to live forever. We want to be able to morph this body and grow it taller or smaller or bigger or vibrate faster than any rate of speed. So we are going to keep it. We never have to die again. Science says you have an immortal gene. The fact is you do. You don’t want to have to die again. At any age you can cease aging. And when we learn bilocating and disappearing, we are off to other dimensions and we never have to die and be reborn and forget.”

– Ramtha
Blue College Intensive
Yelm, WA
December 3, 2006

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