New Approach for using Nitric Oxide (NO) to treat infections –
Ramtha’s teaching on Nitric Oxide dates back to 1998

Nitric Oxide

– “Scientists identify new encapsulation agents for delivery of nitric oxide, potent antibacterial agent and vasodilator”
“A group of scientists led by researchers at the Université de Versailles’ Institut Lavoisier in France has worked out how to stably gift-wrap a chemical gas known as nitric oxide within metal-organic frameworks. Such an encapsulated chemical may allow doctors to administer nitric oxide in a more highly controlled way to patients, suggesting new approaches for treating dangerous infections and heart conditions with the biologically-active substance. Not to be confused with the chemically-distinct anesthetic dentists use—its cousin nitrous oxide (NO2), also known as laughing gas—nitric oxide (NO) is one of very few gas molecules known to be involved in biological signaling pathways, the physiological gears that make the body tick at the microscopic level. It is very active biologically and can be found in bacteria, plant, animal and fungi cells.

In humans, NO is a powerful vasodilator, increasing blood flow and lowering vascular pressure. For this reason, gaseous NO is sometimes used to treat respiratory failure in premature infants. It also has strong antibacterial potency, owing to its molecular action as a biologically disruptive free radical, and cells in the human immune system naturally produce NO as a way of killing pathogenic invaders,” quoting quoting Phys.Org, provided by American Institute of Physics.
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– UPDATE: February 25, 2015
“Nitric oxide helps your vessels maintain their elasticity, so nitric oxide suppression leads to increases in blood pressure. So any program adapted to address high blood pressure needs to help normalize both your insulin/leptin sensitivity and uric acid level,” quoting Dr. Mercola.
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– Ramtha’s teaching on Nitric Oxide
“What is nitric oxide? It is a gaseous, atmospheric substance with molecules. Nitric oxide has a phenomenal effect upon the membrane of nerve cells. The molecules of the gas penetrate the membrane of the nerve cell immediately. It has a permeant texture to it that sort of cuts and slices the old metabolic constitution that would cause the genes in the cell to divide.

You learned that the DNA in the cell starts dividing when we have peptide informational substances hitting receptor sites on the cells. Those peptides are made by a multiple firing of different aspects of the brain’s neurosynaptic centers. But here we have a shortcut and a very valuable shortcut. The shortcut is that nitric oxide is able to penetrate the subtle membrane of the nerve cell and move right into the nucleus. The nitric oxide causes the DNA to start separating immediately. What is important about this? It foregoes the concept that all of these neuronet mechanisms must fire, join in union, and share their particular altered substances of DNA. When all of those altered substances of DNA hit the hippocampus, then the hippocampus endeavors to put those chains together into information that can then pass down the nerve endings to various parts of the spine.

Those nerve endings secrete that which is termed neurotransmitters or neuropeptides that go to different glands. The glands take them and they add the amino acids — and bond them together — that replicate the message from above, and then they are sent out to all the cells in the body. Then we have the peptide parked at a receptor site that causes the internal changes in the nucleus.

But here we have made a quantum leap. Nitric oxide starts the mechanism. With Eve — Eve — the whole brain produced nitric oxide, so the whole brain was in absolute confluence and conjunction with the concept of knowledge. That is when her brain woke up. You see, in the different hemispheres all we have to do is have a majority firing in the left hemisphere to galvanize the right hemisphere. If the left hemisphere is firing more than thirty percent of its neurons, there is a sympathetic reaction that happens in the other hemisphere. And here is when we get into the quantum world. What causes the one hemisphere to fire in conjunction with the other hemisphere? Relation. It is in relation to.

Eve experienced enlightenment — enlightenment — which meant that the whole neuronet of her brain capacity suddenly woke up and fired at the same time”
– Ramtha
Yelm, WA.
January 1998

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