CERN confirms collider restart schedule –
Ramtha’s 2012 teaching on CERN still pertinent today

Ramtha described how JZ saw the CERN Particle Accelerator face next to the Maya (Aztec) Calendar

– “CERN management confirms new LHC restart schedule “
“CERN1 management today confirmed the restart schedule for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) resulting from the recommendations from last week’s Chamonix workshop. The new schedule foresees first beams in the LHC at the end of September this year, with collisions following in late October. A short technical stop has also been foreseen over the Christmas period. The LHC will then run through to autumn next year, ensuring that the experiments have adequate data to carry out their first new physics analyses and have results to announce in 2010. The new schedule also permits the possible collisions of lead ions in 2010.

In Chamonix there was consensus among all the technical specialists that the new schedule is tight but realistic,” quoting the CERN Press Office.
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“1. Cern, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is the world’s leading laboratory for particle physics. It has its headquarters in Geneva.”

– UPDATE: February 16, 2015
“Pictures reveal bigger and better Large Hadron Collider”
“The particle accelerator, which has been shut for maintenance since 2013, is bigger and better than ever”
By Sarah Knapton, UK’s Daily Mail.
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– UPDATE: March 11, 2015

“LHC 2.0: A new view of the Universe”
“As the Large Hadron Collider switches on again, a graphical guide to what it might find.”
By Elizabeth Gibney,
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– UPDATE: March 20, 2015
“Scientists at Large Hadron Collider hope to make contact with PARALLEL UNIVERSE in day”
“SCIENTISTS conducting a mindbending experiment at the Large Hadron Collider next week hope to connect with a PARALLEL UNIVERSE outside of our own.”
By Paul Baldwin, UK’s Express.
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– Ramtha on the particle collider at CERN
Three weeks prior to December 21, 2012, Ramtha gave a landmark teaching on the unique alignment, not one within our galaxy or solar system, but one between our universe and another one within the multiverse, or what string theorists call the Bulk. We live in a universe that is out of phase with another universe, one that is usually out of sync with this one. That is why we can inhabit the same space at the same time and yet be unaware of it. During late December, the phases aligned and the veil or barrier between the two was at its thinnest. In this excerpt, Ramtha explains the multiverse reality in which we exist, the Stargate experiments at CERN, and the relationship between the Mayan calendar and this epic 2012 date in world history.

“We live in a universe that is out of phase with another universe, one that is out of sync with this one. That is why we can inhabit the same space at the same time. But now the phases are lining up. That is the end, before it starts again.
My channel is haunted by two images. She continues to see the Mayan calendar and the particle collider at CERN. Why does she keep seeing them? Because the particle accelerator at CERN looks just like the Mayan calendar. Now any self-respecting scientist already knows this aligning of the phases is happening. They do. And they want to turn on the accelerator at CERN, and the one in Australia, and the one in China. They want to turn them on. Why? Because they want to break those particles that prevent you from phasing. They call it Stargate. It is not the first time these scientists have done this.
What will happen is that you will have a collision of multiverses. You will have some strange phasing. And it is important that it is at the end of this cycle. What you are about to see are lights coming into the sky that will look like comets or lit-up debris. What you are actually seeing is that wall breaking down, a dimension appearing. The people at CERN will disappear just like the Anasazi, just like the ancient Egyptians, just like those ancient people of Easter Island, the place of beautiful cedars, the Mayan people, and other people. Where did they go? What happened to that whole town that disappeared in China? Where did it go? To the new universe. Where are all these missing children going? Home.
The scientists want to break the most fragile point to make a walk-through to another Earth and another solar system that is more advanced than here. This Earth is the most advanced it will be. It has finished its 25,000-year cycle. Now we will be absorbed into the new Earth because it is more advanced.
You are about to see lights splay across the sky at all hours, making no sound. You will look and you will see heat waves but there is no heat. It is a warping of time.
Earth will get volatile because of this alignment. Already its magnetic pole is going further towards Siberia. Remember when I told you that the pole will be going that way, and the magnetic field of where you are will be going north? That has happened already. It is the magnetic pole traveling at a most alarming rate. And the polar ice is melting faster than you can pour yourself a drink of water. The sun now has this alignment with all of its planets around it and it is going crazy. It is going to get violent. One gigantic X-10 CME will do you in electronically. It won’t kill you unless you are in the air or out in the water somewhere.
So civilization goes into the dark again, into a primitive state with fire and kerosene. And if the power stays out a really long time, it is like starting over again, going back into the real Dark Ages.


Where did the Mayan people go? Why did the people on Easter Island make all those statues that were looking up? Why did Pharaoh, the original Egyptians, go to all that trouble to make all those monstrosities of themselves? Why? Because they had to leave an image of themselves so they could go to fill in harmony. That is why they made them and they are all looking up. They had to leave their occupancy in the water of time here so they could go. All these elaborate ruins are just filling in an occupancy place.
Remember when I taught you that the urgency of Nature is to fill in the vacuum to have balance? You can’t leave and just say good-bye. There must be something of you remaining. I am sure you are going to figure this out.


We are going to have massive solar ejections that are going to affect your electronic health. That kills people if they are in the hospital, if they are in the sky, and if they are in the city and can’t get out. How many people in the large cities are going to start walking to get out when they have no food or water? How do you think their temper is going to be? Have you ever been there? I was scorned there, me, scorned by a piss-ant. Do you know how they are going to be when the lights go out?
It is not like the world is going to end, but it is going to hit its 25,000-year cycle. It is going to collide, intentionally by its scientists, with the very world in which your future that you have been working on exists. And that is a good thing.


Nothing new is going to happen to you, but change is going to happen to you. The world is going to happen to you. The sun is going to happen to you. An incoming dimension is going to happen to you. And wonderfully for you, you created your futures, your 2013 card. Where was that coming from? Where was 2013? It is already happening. That is your future.
The reason I want you to stay close to home is because I don’t want you to be troubled by engines that won’t start, airplanes that fall out of the sky, and boats stuck in the middle of the ocean without a paddle. You have all been preparing for so long to ride this ark. When you see those glimmers in the sky — I will tell you, you will see them and see them and then one day you will forget that you ever saw them — it is because you are in the future.”

– Ramtha
November 28, 2012
Yelm, WA
November Follow-up

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