Australia students jointly focus on approaching cyclone

Cyclone Marcia, Austrakia: “TRMM data showed a hot tower up to 8.6 miles (14 km) high in the northwest quadrant
of the eyewall (the purple pinnacle of the outer, blue volume).” Image Credit: NASA/JAXA, Owen Kelley

RSE student Fuschia Collard filed this report from Australia on the recent collective focus of OZ students to affetc the weather. Shea Karg said, “It is always inspiring for other students to hear about the power of focus and how it affects reality. I feel so grateful to be part of such a powerful group of students and friends.”

“On Friday morning the 20th February, I received the news that, within an hour, Cyclone Marcia had gone from a category 2 to a category 5 cyclone and was crossing the coast of Queensland, Australia, about 600kms north of my home in Maleny. No one had ever seen a cyclone behave like this before. The Bureau of Meteorology was shocked.

I then read a post putting Category 5 (285 km/h winds) into perspective. In 1974, Cyclone Tracy literally flattened the whole city of Darwin and that was a category 4 cyclone.

I become anxious and quickly put out a call to RSE students on the Australian and New Zealand Ramtha Facebook page, for focus on downsizing the intensity of the storm. I also sent emails and made phone calls to a few students I knew. We set the intention to hold a group focus at 11 am Queensland time. Much love and gratitude to those who responded!!

As soon as I sat down and put my blinders on, a great wave of calm came over me and I experience one of the most amazing C&E® session I have ever had.

I started out focusing on the cyclone downsizing and moving off shore. I also focused on Ramtha’s eyes and asked for his assistance. After a while, while still doing C&E®, I consciously let go of the visual focus I had been holding to experience god.

I then saw everything from way above the earth. I felt so expansive it was hard to stay focused to the earth at all. It was so blissful. I saw a huge blue stars over Queensland in the direction of the second cyclone in North Qld and a blue shield right along our coast line. I knew others were focusing and praying. Next thing I saw was a huge hand pulling a bath plug on a long chain out of the centre of the cyclone. This took all the wind out of the cyclone and it just became a low pressure system. I felt all the clouds dumping large volumes of rain but there was no wind. I then held a powerful focus on the eye of the storm with the word STOP across it. It was a completely different experience from the focus at the beginning of the C&E®. It was amazing, unlimited….. I realised that the original focus on ‘downsizing the cyclone’ was limited when what we could really do was STOP the cyclone. In that moment I felt the difference between focusing from the personality and being in the mind of God.

After 3/4 hour, I came out of C&E® to the news that Cyclone Marcia had been downgraded to category 3. It then very quickly kept losing wind speed until it became just a low pressure system.

Miraculously, we did not experience any strong winds at all here in Maleny, only lots of rain, and as far as I know, no lives have been lost in either of the cyclones. I stayed in a state of bliss for the rest of the day.

I am so grateful for those who helped focus. Thank you!!!!!

Thank you for helping create this miracle.

We can do it!!”

– “Cyclone Rips Through Australia”
Click here for the video.

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