The Journey Begins for new Ramtha School Students

JZ Knight teaching at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, Yelm

“Fundamental Journey Begins for new Ramtha School Students”
“Two Classes Introduce Students to Ramtha School Teachings in January and February”

Students in the U.S.A., Mexico, South Korea, Italy, and South Africa can learn the basics of the teachings of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment during the Class 101 and Class 201 courses.

“The Age of Philosophers is coming to an end. Truth does not come from words written in a book. Truth comes when you apply the words in your life to produce a wonder, a profound result. At RSE you will learn grand knowledge and experience it so that the truth is awakened in you. The most marvelous knowledge — the greatest teaching of all — is Behold God.

RSE’s Beginning Events offer participants the environment of a true ancient school of wisdom affording each student the opportunity to participate in a transformative experience away from normal activities. Lessons include a deeper understanding of the brain’s mechanics. Students will learn how to use their brain more skillfully to consciously create reality.

The training at Ramtha’s School starts with Class 101: Remarkable Mind. Students can participate online via streaming or at the Yelm campus and select international venues.
The second step is Class 201: Genetics of the Future. The two courses can be taken individually or as a Combo event,” quoting PRWEB.
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