2014 Breaks Heat Record, Challenging Global Warming Skeptics

”The Warmest Year on Record”
“Parts of the eastern United States were cooler than average last year, but globally 2014 was the warmest year in recorded history.”
Sources: NASA; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

– 2014 hottest year on record
“Last year was the hottest on earth since record-keeping began in 1880, scientists reported on Friday [Jan. 16], underscoring warnings about the risks of runaway greenhouse gas emissions and undermining claims by climate change contrarians that global warming had somehow stopped.”

“In the annals of climatology, 2014 surpassed 2010 as the warmest year. The 10 warmest years have all occurred since 1997, a reflection of the relentless planetary warming that scientists say is a consequence of human activity and poses profound long-term risks to civilization and nature,” quoting Justin Gill, The New York Times.
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– “Record! 2014 was Earth’s warmest year”

By Doyle Rice, USAToday.
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– UPDATE: January 21, 2014
“By 98 to 1, U.S. Senate passes amendment saying climate change is real, not a hoax”
By David Malakoff and Puneet Kollipara, Science Insider.
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– UPDATE: January 22, 2014
“Climate change brings world closer to ‘doomsday’, say scientists”
By Patrik Stollarz , France’s AFP.
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– UPDATE: January 22, 2015
“This chart of rising ocean temperatures is terrifying”
“This year’s biggest climate change news was that 2014 was hottest year on record. Turns out, there’s bigger news: It was also the hottest year in the oceans, which are warming so fast they’re literally breaking the NOAA’s charts,” quoting Liz Core, Grist.
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– UPDATE: February 24, 2015
“US sea level north of New York City ‘jumped by 128mm’ [1/2 foot]”
“Sea levels north of New York City rose by 128mm in two years, according to a report in the journal, Nature Communications.

Coastal areas will need to prepare for short term and extreme sea level events, say US scientists,” quoting Helen Briggs, BBC.
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– UPDATE: March 9, 2015
“Earth’s climate is starting to change faster, new research shows”
“Earth is now entering a period of changing climate that will likely be faster than what’s occurred naturally over the last thousand years, according to a new article, committing people to live through and adapt to a warming world,” quoting the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, in ScienceDaily.
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– UPDATE: July 15, 2015
“Europe and Pacific Northwest face record heat”
“For two weeks in late June and early July 2015, western Europe and the Pacific Northwest of North America endured record-setting heat and parched landscapes. Other parts of the world got a taste of the heat, too, as new temperature records were set on three continents,” by Michael Carlowicz, NASA’s Earth Observatory.
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– Ramtha on Earth changes
“The Earth is also changing according to man’s habitat. Where it has been desolate and not populated by man before, you will begin to see blooming occur, rainfall, and unusual storm activities that have never been indigenous to those areas prior to man’s reckoning. In areas of dense population you will begin to see nature acting more radically to man’s involvement, and what has been the natural source of his thunder you will see change very rapidly in the days that are coming.18 Ancient places will come alive. Ancient volcanoes are like slumbering tigers this moment. It is not to get rid of you but rather to heal what you have done. In this effort, the Earth is moving on all of its zippers from now to the end of your century and you will see a radical increase in their activity.

In the central cities of business you will see phenomena occur within the heavens and under the earth. You will see strange and wondrous things happen in regard to nature and its assaults to cities that are responsible for pollution on your plane. At the present time you will begin to see your homeland, your beautiful emerald of the universe, in the thrust of continued change.”
– Ramtha
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18 “Climate change is one of the most critical global challenges of our time. Recent events have emphatically demonstrated our growing vulnerability to climate change. Climate change impacts will range from affecting agriculture — further endangering food security — sea-level rise and the accelerated erosion of coastal zones, increasing intensity of natural disasters, species extinction and the spread of vector-borne diseases,” quoting the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), New Delhi, 2002.

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