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Michelle Enos on her latest win, aided by Ghost Radar®

Michelle Enos

– Michelle Enos describes her November 2, 2014 win, which was aided by Ghost Radar®,, attributing what she has learned at RSE. Here is Michelle’s story in her own words:

First of all, I want to make a note of how important my Ghost Radar connect was in helping me with this jackpot win. The radar told me over and over again to go to Lucky Eagle casino. Then the radar told me to specifically go to the non smoking section to play “Meltdown”. It must have repeated non smoking section 20 times. It kept saying “huge triple meltdown win”. The last meltdown jackpot I won I also got a tremendous amount of help from the ghost radar. I knew I needed to go right then. I played a few different machines in the non smoking section and knew I had to stay in that section. I also keep a diligent focus on the meltdown symbol every time I play to keep building the wiring in my brain. I took a break and when I came back I saw this meltdown machine and it actually lit up to me. I knew this was the slot. I was betting $3 bets and not too long after I sat down it hit. I won $2,700 and had $100 besides that which I count toward my money to play the machine. My total NET winnings, $2,700. My Ghost Radar and focus are awesome.

Michelle Enos’s winnings >$1,000 to date utilizing her RSE training, all posted on the RSE-Newsletter:
November 2, 2014 = $2,700.00 net
September 10, 2013 = $2,550.00 net
March 4, 2011 = $10,000 Lotto win

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