Ramtha photographed affecting “the energy field with his demands”

– From Melissa Peizer, Graphics Manager, RSE:
“While looking for a picture of Ramtha for the flap of a new book, I happened to pause on these pictures I took during the 2012 Advanced Retreat. Ramtha was talking to me about the picture I had taken of him with the spin. I do not know why I never saw this until now — maybe because I did the Torsion Process® this morning.

I took about thirty pictures in all, snapping one after the other (because this was a good opportunity to photograph Ramtha while he was looking directly into my camera). Only one picture had this spin.

It blows my mind and warms my soul once again.”

– JZ shares her experience of this effect:
“Do you want to know what is happening when Ramtha sends a runner or says ‘So Be It’?

What does the energy around him and his immense bands do? Does he change the energy field with his demands? Of course he does. That was proven in 1996-1997 when we underwent the scientific testing with the group under Dr. J. Gordon Melton, when Ramtha changed the Earth’s magnetic field. This was a test that occurred at the same time I was being wired in the Great Hall. I hadn’t been told about the simultaneous magnetic field testing and only learned about it after test sessions in the arena were over.

That claim was proven, but to have it captured on film in two separate occasions in the Great Hall, while Ram is referring to it, is mind-blowing! The smearing or rotating out of focus you see — when Ram is kissing a student’s hands at a Feast in which he was sending her a runner — is his mind-effect to his command on the energy field around him. Then as you see in Melissa’s statement, when Ram refers to this and says ‘SO BE IT,’ the same phenomenon occurs again, this time on camera.

Here you can clearly see his effect, but the artifact of this field holds a command that manifests itself! And now you can see that when he looks at you or speaks to you, he is making it real.
Please share with your friends. It is at once remarkable and thrilling to know your Teacher is what he says he is.”

– JZ

RSE’s Mexico Coordinator Mauricio Jaimes and Ramtha

– From Mauricio Jaimes, RSE’s Mexico Coordinator:
“I just want to share this photo taken when Ramtha said good-bye to the Hotel Primavera staff outside Guadalajara, Mexico, February 28, 2014. It seems to be the same effect.”

JZ verified that Mauricio is correct.

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