José Gerardo Vargas Diaz on being aware, calm in chaos

Jose Gerardo Vargas Diaz

I am Gerardo Vargas Díaz, RSE student since the year 2011, when in the month of October I did my On-Demand Beginners Event. I live in Córdoba, Veracruz, México. The reason for this letter is to communicate a beautiful experience, that I am sure I had the help of our Master Teacher, and this is what happened:

“On the 9th of October, I had a work related trip to Xalapa, Veracruz, and I had to stay the night in that city.
My children, who are also RSE students, stayed in Córdoba, but that evening they had dinner with some possible business prospects, and as I understand it, the dinner finished approximately at 2:AM, and from there my son Erick took his brother Gerardo home. He didn´t have the house keys with him, and was knocking on the door, when the police came and started patting them down.
My son lives next to his grandmother´s house, and she was worried about the police patrol (because lately we have had things happen in my city that I don´t even want to mention here), she looked out the window of her house, but nevertheless, she didn´t go outside because she saw me with my sons and my nephew, when the policemen were there.

Right after that nothing happened with the police, they just left and my son came into his house to go to sleep. What was strange for me, was that the next day my nephew Moisés, that had been with my sons, sent a message to the mother of my children saying that I had been with them the night before.

Along with what I mentioned before, I think it´s important to express here that at the course that I took in Yelm in the year 2012, our beloved Master Teacher mentioned that if something happens to us, we only need to look into the eyes of the person who wants to create a problem for us, [focus on them].

I started putting it into practice in the month of September that same year, because I was traveling with some business colleagues, when suddenly a supposedly military bus intercepted (I doubt they were real soldiers) and stopped us, from which 10 people got off the bus pointing at us with high powered weapons.

In that moment I took off my shades [sun glasses] and got out of my car and looked into the eyes of the person I believed was in charge and I told him, ‘What´s the matter? If you need to check us, you just need to indicate it, you don´t need to point your guns at us.’ And he said there was no problem, he turned his back on me , turned to the driver and stopped pointing his gun at us and said that there was no problem, that we were family, he told me move forward and go.

And I replied that they could check us if it was necessary, as we were on a business trip. After that we went on our way, and in my mind I thanked our teacher and the Lord God of my being for helping us and for telling me what to to do before something happened. so I think it´s fair to send these comments because the teachings of our beloved Master have helped me with everything, and he has also protected me, just as he said he would.

My deepest thanks to our beloved teacher Ramtha and JZ Knight, because he protected my sons of anything that could have ever happen to them, I don´t remember being there, and I don´t know if he helped me to biolocate or he simply manifested my presence there at that moment.”

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